Hand-colored photo, 1920’s, Japan. "A Maiko (Apprentice Geisha) dressed in a black,ceremonial kimono, with special tortoiseshell Kanzashi in her hair and double bira-kan (fluttering hair ornaments). Her kimono is decorated with bamboo, (green?) maple leaves, hydrangeas and other flowers, while her obi has a Yukiwa (snow ring) pattern with more bamboo and flowers inside them."  Text and image via Blue Ruin 1 of Flickr

I got bored in Internet-Law-Lecture.. so I scribbled a bit~ Also I wanna spread some love again <3


Character - DA-User

Stir - MidniteKai

Tam - Miflore

Felix & MC - Yassui and MusicalCombusken

Dart - ChillySundance

Louie & Tam - Yassui and Miflore

Kov - Miflore

Robin & Lyre - CrazyIguana

Sundance - ChillySundance

Yukiwa - OMG-ME

Misha - Twainkitty

(Creepy) Ami - MidniteKai

Riley - MizuneChi

Flint - ClockworkAndy

Numa - Ouroporos

I actually wanted to draw more characters I love (Meili, Urchin, Greg Q_Q….) But well lecture was finished and we had to go to lunch lol YES HAD!

Due to my birthday last week, I didn’t have much time to mix drinks. Normally I wouldn’t purchase overly expensive bar wares, but I thought I should indulge myself a little, since I turned 21.

So here it is, the Yukiwa Baron shaker, a high-end Japanese cobbler shaker, it costs 85 US dollars, compared to my other Japanese shakers that cost around 20 dollars, this is “overgenerous”. The shaker is very, very well-made; thick stainless steel helps insulation, it gives me a better control over the dilution and chilling, also it doesn’t freeze up my fingers.

The Yukiwa shakers came in four different colours:

  1. Gold Plated
  2. Silver Matte/Golden Mirror
  3. Silver Matte/Silver Mirror
  4. Silver Mirror/Golden Mirror

I went with the last one, because I reckon it matches the colour of my Mr. Slim jigger.


All of this drawn and concepted today. Man. I think that was the most productive day in my life LOL

Well yeah, here you can see a bunch of TEAM WHATEVER NPCs. The ones beside Lotus, Hin and Yukiwa, such as Yukiwas Mom, Yurashi and also some concepts of Archerus Dad.

The last 6 pictures are pretty much spoilers, so don’t look at them if you want to avoid knowing too much |D~

Nevertheless drawing them was fun and the music was so fitting as I told my LS-Watchers this little BG-Story. Thanks for watching guys, it was so funny! ♥ And I really hope you enjoyed it as well and like what you know now ; u ;


Japanese Barware

Yukiwa Gold-Plated Cobbler Shaker, 360ml

Japanese bartenders/mixologists have been in the spotlight for the past few years, gaining recognition in world cocktail championships for their presentation, precision, professionalism, attention to detail, shaking techniques, and of course, high quality bar tools.

Just as Japanese knives have become the preferred choice among many chefs and cooks around the world, Japanese bar tools have started to become the top choice for bartenders and mixologists worldwide.

Yukiwa (manufactured by Sampo Sangyo Co.,Ltd) is a leading brand for stainless steel tableware, kitchen utensils, banquetware and service wagons in Japan, and their bar tools are highly regarded by the bar industry for the quality as well as ergonomic designs.

Cobbler shakers are the shakers of choice for bartenders and mixologists who aspire to perfect the Hard Shake, a technique invented by world renowned Kazuo Ueda, who owns a bar called Tender in Ginza, Tokyo.

According to him, using this technique allows you to aerate the drink (reducing the harshness of the alcohol and resulting in a more pleasant mouth feel) and chip the ice in a way that will not dilute the cocktail. This copper-plated three piece set from Yukiwa is manufactured with precision and each part snugly fits with each other to offer stability and comfort in your hands.

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Other materials and sizes are available.

Rise of the sun (Livestream result)

Because she actually rises in my place in exactly this moment I am posting this :D They said I can be everything I want! So I become an owl, hoot hoot! //shot

Timezones. FFF. Creative-City 4tw. This should be an actual thing!

Referencesheet 01 - The youngest


Pin is a little brat, annoying and mean at the same time. He clearly shows when he dislikes someone and if he does Pin never gets tired of letting these people feel his dislike. He’s not very strong and hurts himself everytime he’s using one of his electric moves so he tries to avoid combats or let others fight for him. Pin is a very manipulative one; He even seems to have full-control of some of his friends, too.


This little guy is pretty slow. Zumóu is full of anxiety and always appears to be out of energy. The reason pretty clearly is his environment: Zumóu isn’t living underwater like the rest of his species. He’s living with the other citizens on the ground and tries to manage his everyday life as good as possible. Since his legs and fins are too weak to lift up the rest of his body he managed to use his antennas as legs instead. He spent years to master this walking-technique and the scars all over his body are the result of him learning to walk. Zumóu hates fighting and always tries to stay away from problems as good as possible (which is difficult for him since he’s kinda befriend with Pin). Also this little fellow has a crush on Freya but didn’t propose to her yet. He thinks she deserves someone better.


Ferneii is the daughter of the kingdoms hangman and lives between two different worlds- The beautiful and lovely one and the one that only knows death. She’s very concerned about her future and tries to stand aloof from her father which leads to a lot of familiar trouble and results in frustration on both sides. Even though the loss of her mother belongs to the past she still suffers from it deep inside her soul. Therefore Ferneii tries to be surrounded by her friends as oftern as possible because they make her forget about all of her worries. She’s acting very girly and cheesy, sometimes she reacts pretty bitchy as well but most of the time she only tries to cover her inner frustration. Since she’s the hangmans daughter a lot of the male citizens aren’t interested in her and the one she confessed to rejected her. The only boy who ever confessed his love to her was Archeru but he got rejected by Ferneii because he’s ’too weak, ugly and uncool’ in her opinion. She’s more interested in the hero-like type.


This lovely litte girl is a pretty lively and happy one. She’s living together with her big sister in the kingdoms temple, serving their queen as maids of Sun & Rain. Freya here is responsible for the rain and loves to dance and sing for mother nature. Her bigger sister Surya acts as role model. Freya always seems to be smiling and spreading cheerfulness wherever she meets people. Sometimes she also can become a bit miffy, especially when others don’t pay attention to her, but most of the time she’s hanging around with her sister who’s giving her all the attention she needs to be happy. Freya likes Zumóu and would like to hang around with him more often.


Yukiwa is the daughter of Queen Yurashi. She’s very lighthearted and enjoys her life most of the time. Since she’s a royality as well normal citizens paid a lot of attention to her every time she showed up outside of the Queens castle hanging around with infantry. Some of the parents tried to force a friendship between Yukiwa and their children and were hoping for some benefits as a result of this bond to the royal family. But it never worked out and somehow Yukiwa became friend with Hahakea’s Family, especially Archeru & Lotus, instead. Yukiwa clearly has a crush on Archeru who always acted very thoughtful to her and who gifted her the flowers she’s wearing as well. Yukiwa doesn’t know anything about fighting nor about work or most of the anxiety normal people feel. The only thing she’s worrying about is being married to someone she doesn’t love.


Petals is the typically shy girl that would like to be more self-confident than she already is. This zubat-girl is another friend of Pin and Zumóu, hanging around with them most of the time. Like Zumóu she doesn’t like trouble but most of the time ends up doing everything Pin wants from her. She’s a naive one, rarely arguing about things because she’s too afraid to run out of arguments while having a discussion with someone else. Petals lost her right leg/tail during a battle years ago as the kingdom was attacked by strangers and still has problems with flying straight forward (she flies more angular). She’s a little crush on Pin but can’t explain why, because he has a lot of characteristics she doesn’t like. Probably it’s because he kinda saved her life once.