yukimoe asked:

{A thin scroll was lying in Masamune's room, addressed to him and signed from Yukimura.}

Date Masamune-dono :

How have you been lately? Ah--I hope you have been well. Have any familiar faces appeared since we last conversed? Perhaps Katakura-dono has appeared to replace my unsatisfactory retainer ways...

Ever since Sasuke appeared in this 'circus', I have been tied up with training in the little ways--like how to cook for myself, for example, ahaha.

Masamune-dono... I miss you, and I want to see you again soon.

I will be in my trailer for a while, so if you, too, would like to see me again--perhaps just to give me a well-deserved punch in the face for disappearing -again-...

{The handwriting was becoming a bit shakier now.}

Please come, Masamune-dono.

- Sanada Yukimura


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