Shinobi (Heart under blade)

You like Naruto? You like bleach? You like shinobi and jujitsu? Then you’ll like Shinobi!

You like sad romances? Yeah… Yeah! Then you’ll like Shinobi!


"…Romeo and Juliet meets special effects, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, soaring-through-the-air…"

"It’s gorgeous, absolutely heart-breakingly beautiful."

-Seattle International Film Festival

Shinobi is set in the 1600s after a 400 year war. Tsubagakure’s Iga clan and Manjitani’s Kouga clan are the top shinobi. They’re hidden far away in the mountains where no one can find them. And there has been some tensions between the two. But there is a thin line between love and hate as we all know, right! Iga’s chieftain’s granddaughter falls in love with Kouga’s chieftain’s grandson— yes, we are talking Romeo and Juliet here. Oboro (the granddaughter) and Gennosuke (the grandson) want to marry but they keep their relationship hidden from their clans. Then the ultimate banger happens: the shogun (he wants to get rid of the clans!!) decides to pin the clans against each other to the death and the ultimate prize is to be the successor of the shogun. So the chieftains pick their top 5 shinobi and of course Oboro and Gennosuke are a part of these contenders! There’s the poisonous kiss girl, immortal guy, long sleeve killer, super speed guy, gold powder girl (Hotarubi is so cute!), face stealer and others.

There twists, deaths, turns and a whole lot of shiznick happening!

Cast: Yukie Nakama, Joe Odajiri, Erika Sawajiri

Year: 2005

Rating 7/10

Joe is great eye candy and Yukie is just too freaking adorable!!

But of course there could be more added. More love! More dialogue! More fighting! More history even!

Shinobi lacks the push being romance 100% or action 100%. It lingers in limbo. But! You can always watch the anime, read the manga or the novel! So many choices. I recommend doing one of them!

As Yankumi (Yuki’s character in Gokusen) would say “Fight-Oh!”

*Nia (o^w^)o

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Yankumi is a very very lucky sensei because she teaches well most of the kakkoi ikemen <3
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