Characters + cats requests: the p3 ones

2dsoup requested Mitsuru and Yukari. They are embracing the Yuri Life by adopting cats.

makomina requested Minato and Minako. Gotta feed that one cat that hangs around thugs for Elizabeth and Theodore.

An anon asked for Aigis and Minato, because Aigis would be the type to hoard stray animals. I imagine the conversation preceding the picture would go something like 

"Leader, I have a request. You are skilled in stealth maneuvers, as I know from your skill in gaining advantage over shadows in Tartarus and sneaking out at night to tour various commercial facilities to talk to middle aged men—"
"I dont — nvm what do you want"
"I need to sneak someone into the dorms without Mitsuru-san and Koromaru-san knowing it"
"Wh- no Aigis I don’t want to get into trouble with Mitsuru”
"But Mr. Whiskers will die outside in the cold, and I am to understand that would be bad."

Then she pulls out the cat and both Aigis and the cat stare at Minato until he gives in and helps them sneak into the dorm. Then the cat has to live in his room because Aigis’s room is full of artillery and explosives.