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Oh oh oh can you write a headcanon for a pregnant Panchaali and Yudhishtir? (it's his child) thank you!

Yes of course this is a good idea! :D

Draupadi runs into their kaksh from her hamam, to find Yudhishthir putting his angavastram on. Yudhishthir looks at her quizzically.

"I thought you were supposed to be… not here?" He says awkwardly, looking at a flushing and radiant Draupadi.

"Arya. Arya, I have news," she says, her breathing heavy.

"What happened?" He asks, moving towards her. "Are you fine? Is everything OK?"

His confused frown deepens when Draupadi blushes.

"I have good news, Arya," she says shyly, with a smile.

Yudhishthir’s eyes narrow, then widen. Very cautiously, he asks, “What is it, priye?” He has an idea, but it isn’t right to presume.

Draupadi moves to look out of the window. “Indraprasth will soon have its first prince, Arya.”

She looks back to see her husband smiling very widely.


(Seven months into the gestation period.)

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Scene from Peter Brook’s Mahabharata adaptation


They deserve it. That is my culturally dim response. But in reading I can see the journeys that they need to walk. This is the beginning of an archetype that we see many times and that Joseph Campbell was talking about. To become as great as you are needed to be to destroy evil you must suffer, lose, and suffer some more. It might be seen as a tempering process. The details aren’t as important as the fact that they followed the path that was necessary to become what they become. Without the hot-headed promises made during this time and the assessment of self they wouldn’t reach the heights that they do.

Yudhishthira would not gain the purity that he does and Arjuna would not go on his journey leading him to the tools of victory. They seem to finally move from childish to adult behavior.


What is quicker than the Wind ? - Thought

What can cover the Earth ?  - Darkness

Who are more numerous, the Living or the Dead ? - The living, because the dead are no longer

Give me an example of space - My two hands, is one

An example of grief - Ignorance

An example of poison - Desire

An example of defeat - Victory

Which came first, Day or Night ? - Day, it was only Day ahead

What is the cause of the World ? - Love

What is your opposite ? - Myself

What is madness ? - A forgotten Way

Revolt, why do men revolt ? - To find beauty, either in Life or in Death

What for each of us is inevitable ? - Happiness

What is the greatest Wonder ? - Each day Death strikes, and we live as though we were immortal