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Researchers identify potential cause of schizophrenic symptoms

Imagine a waking nightmare.

That’s how Elyn Saks, law professor and mental health advocate, describes the delusions, hallucinations, memory loss and mental fragmentation that schizophrenia causes.

The mental disorder affects millions of people worldwide but the cause of its wide-ranging symptoms remains largely unknown.

At Brandeis University, researchers believe they have discovered an abnormality in the schizophrenic brain that could be responsible for many of the disease’s symptoms and could provide a drug target for therapeutic treatments.

Led by John Lisman, the Zalman Abraham Kekst Chair in Neuroscience and professor of biology, and Matthew Wilson of MIT, the research team published their findings in a recent issue of the Journal of Biological Psychiatry. The paper was co-authored by Aranda Duan, Carmen Varela, Yuchun Zhang, Yinghua Shen, Lealia Xiong, and Matthew Wilson.

Unusual neural oscillations — brain waves — have long been associated with schizophrenia. The oscillations, called delta waves, are similar to slow oscillations seen in normal brains during sleep, but in schizophrenic brains, they occur during wakefulness. The connection between these oscillations and schizophrenic symptoms, particularly cognitive deficits such as memory impairment, has long been unclear.

Lisman and his team set out to understand that connection by artificially producing delta waves in mammalian brains using a new technique called optogenetics, which activates brain signals using light.

When the delta frequency light was turned on, Lisman observed disruption in the working memory of rats. When it was turned off, the rodents were once again able to perform working memory tasks. More important, Lisman and his team were able activate the abnormal oscillations only in a tiny subpart of the thalamus, a region of the brain that has long been a focus of schizophrenia research.

An information hub and relay center, the thalamus is central to working memory, sleep, consciousness and sensory-information processing.

“The oscillations produce an artificial signal that jams normal communication,” Lisman says. “The part of the thalamus that is supposed to carry information about working memory couldn’t do the task at all with these sleep-like delta waves. We suspect the abnormal delta oscillations seen in patients with schizophrenia are producing a similar jamming of normal signals.”

(Image caption: The green axons of thalamic neurons can be seen as they innervate the hippocampus. It is these axons, when stimulated by light, that jam communication. Credit: Lisman Lab)

Delta waves require a specific type of ion channel called a T-type Ca channel. These channels are of particular interest because they are one of the few types of ion channel implicated in schizophrenia by genetic studies. The next step, Lisman says, is to figure out what kind of agents could be used to block these channels.

“If you could block these channels, you could block these bad oscillations,” he says. “That may have therapeutic value in patients.”

[NEWS] 150531 Park Yuchun to enter the army on August 27

Singer-cum-actor Park Yuchun will be joining the military on August 27.

Park Yuchun’s agency C-JeS Entertainment said to OSEN on May 31: “He’s expected to join the army and to serve on August 27″. He will be embarking as the second one [of JYJ] following Kim Jaejoong, since Kim Jaejoong is in the middle of his military service before him.

Park Yuchun is holding his solo fanmeeting ‘Housewarming party : Epi 2′ at Korea University’s Tiger Dome on May 30~31; and is working on filming for movie ‘Lucid Dream’.

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[NEWS] JYJ Park Yoo Chun Confirmed to Enlist in August via Soompi

31/5/2015 (Info) Yoochun mentioned Private Soldier Jaejoong in his fanmeeting:


[1]  YC had a 27 minute phone call with JJ, who kept telling Yoochun to come to his army section.  In a recent phone call, JJ told YC: 

“Dont come alone, bring Shin Se Kyung (c) so I can live comfortably in the army"  ヘ(゚∇゚ヘ)

[2]  YC said JJ is worried about himself because he did not enlist in a good condition so he’s concerned about his health.  ╥﹏╥

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[PIC/OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150526 Park brothers with a baby, back when Yuhwan was filming ‘A Thousand Days’ Promise’

[PHOTO] #백상예술대상 시청중. 영화#해무 로 #박유천 씨가 #신인상 받으셨네용. 축하드려요. #석한별 이 #천일의약속 에서 #수애 언니랑 #김래원 오빠의 딸로 나오면서 #박유환 조카로도 나왔었는데 그때 동생 응원을 위해 #SBS 로 피자사들고 놀러온 #믹키유천 씨 품에 안겨서도 사진찍고 #이샛별 엄마는 피자먹느라 바쁘고 ㅋㅋ 이때가 3년전인가.. 두분다 많이 멋있어 지셨고, 우리한별이도 많이컸네♡

[TRANS] In the middle of watching the #BaeksangArtsAwards. #ParkYuchun -ssi got the #[Best]NewcomerAward with movie #SeaFog. Congratulations. #SukHanbyul was coming on as #KimRae-Won oppa’s daughter with #SooAe unnie and had also came on as #ParkYuhwan ‘s niece in #AThousandDays’Promise. She was taken in the photo where she’s even enfolded in the arms of #Micky Yuchun-ssi who visited bringing pizza carryout into #SBS to support his little brother back then
#LeeSaesbyul -umma was busy eating the pizza ㅋㅋ This was 3 years ago.. […]

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