藝術家 Tom Sachs:Chanel 斷頭台 (1998). 他的其他作品包括hermes漢堡套餐, 哭泣的hello Kitty. 紐約出生的他曾在倫敦就讀頂尖的建築學校,和專長於觀察當代人的物質文化加以重組藉以重生新文化. 混著品牌企業龍頭(賣當勞&hermes)似乎是說著有品牌的包裝,就有商品被需求的價值.

BMW Tate Live room: Emily Roysdon

It was a room of 100 sexually complex cute kids. 3 weeks before my graduation show, I committed myself to a group performance curated/directed by Emily Roysdon. Here’s a room of super Queers, I had my eyes on some boys and some ladies had their eyes on me. Very tempted to make the picture below into a movie poster…

Emily was such an angel to work with. She handed out the plan to a room of strangers and just let the project grown its own life. Watch the interview of the project I’m a helicopter, camera, queen. More works here (images from  Emily Roysdon.com )

Oh and the after party. The After party! A Tate ground floor lock in with more wine than 100 of us can drink that I had to do a take away of 2 bottles for the after after party. Not only my ex flatmate who disappeared for months called and showed up, we got into Skream’s birthday party for free I ended up stayed over at my Dalston high street crash’s place. That was one of the most magical night so far this month. 

above were the after after party gang, stolen from their facebook. Below are more stolen images from the nights we went. Gutted that I didn’t have my camera on me the all time…


大概自從 the end of London fashion week, 我的夢被挾持了. 被這些奇怪的生命中的男孩們. 他們的性向和我發生的摩擦. 看似上輩子的故事, 上輩子認識的人頻頻綁架我的夢. 我認為自己的生命現在很美好, 但似乎這些人給我的衝擊一直會在那, 在我的夢中一直的在進行. Devils in the dreams working their fullest to seduce. 


Yu'an 來到巴黎時裝週. 沒有任何的邀請,又是靠朋友混進了show room. 巴黎時裝週巖肅得不得了, 倫敦的設計師們來這理尋找所謂的serious buyer, 真的能促進生意的業界人士. 當show room的工作人員發現我只是個路人, 紛紛反應不良不讓我拍照, 哈, 可惜我已經進來了.

這裡是Yu'an 激賞的倫敦設計師:Sione Rocha. 去年剛從聖馬丁(MA)畢業, 這是Simone第三季的設計. 延續她一炮而紅的西裝拼接薄紗的高反差風格,設計裡有經典剛強的剪裁架構, 透明的硬紗料保留柔美的女性形象. 西裝外套, 牛津鞋 等這幾年叱吒女裝的不敗單品,經由Siomone的視野, 創造出給年輕女性完美的自信外皮.