Amiga de verdade!

amiga de verdade é tao raro hoje dia , e sabemos exatamente quem sao elas , sao aquelas q se sentem bem perto d vc e q faz vc tbm se sentir bem , é akela q vc xinga mais na verdade ela sabe q vc a ama d verdade , é aquela q ajuda vc a sustentar o mundo quando vc n suporta carregar sozinha , q n tem vergonha d vc e nem d demostrar oq sente por vc , amiga d verdade é assim n se esconde quando passamos algum vexame ou nos humilha so levando em conta as coisas superficiais e n as coisas sentimentais , pessoas insensíveis nao merecem ocupa esse lugar especial ! , n te critica n se importa com bens materiais q vc destrói kkkkkkkkkk quando vai na ksa dela (nossa como sofro isso quando hanninha vem aki) hoje no meu ultimo dia com 17 anos eu digo q os melhores anos foi com minhas lindas amigas verdadeiras amanha começa uma nova era pra mim 1.8 e kero vc6 sempre comigo , vc6 sabem q sao muito importantes pra mim , n temos vergonha uma da outra somos felizes e ja passamos por tantos micos , tem hora q vc6 me enlouquecem e me da akela raivinha sabe mais logo esqueço pq sei q as verdadeiras sempre vao fik e as q n sao , aquelas q n nos aceitam , preferem outros ao invés de nos ou ate aquelas q sentem vergonha de nos amigas verdadeiras so sao dignas d pena e somente uma frase digo a essas pessoas “sinto muito” se vc tem o poder d afastar todos q realmente se importam com vc6! bom mais q as verdadeiras fiquem e sempre ocupem o lugar q realmente merecem … beijos(xoxo ysgirl)  minhas estrelinhas :

dedico essa textinho a minhas migas lindas : ellen , elida , hanninha , mih e juh… ahh e apesar d esta distante e n ser tao proxima de todas do grupo Raíssa Goncalves tbm é uma amiga verdadeira *-* amigas sempre amigas!!! 


I drew some kind of tree-dweller character

and then I tried to draw them in a different style again in government class

Should I blame the lack of prior practice or the lack of lights in class for the cross-eyedness & the stiffness of the characters uhhhh? The “evil” version is inspired by an environmental lecture on crown fires what’s wrong with me

My attempt at drawing Gnarly Brightmane

The horrible tale of Gnarly Brightmane

The Woodkin have an unusual superstition: they think it unlucky to be outside at sunrise or sunset unless you’re traveling. This belief is thought to be rooted in an old legend that tells of a murderous creature who wanders the northern forests. Nowadays, the story is often used to scare children into coming home before sundown, but you can still find the odd Woodkin who’s wary of leaving home at dawn and dusk. Fewer still are the Woodkin who claim to have seen the monster for themselves, creeping through the woods in search of victims. Such claims are, of course, met with strong skepticism. Nervous skepticism, but strong skepticism.

The following is the legend in question.

From the forested north, where the Woodkin dwell,
comes a story most bards are too frightened to tell.
From the underbrush low, to the canopies high,
from the depths of the earth to the stars in the sky,
there’s no being as evil, so cursed in its name,
not one creature so twisted as Gnarly Brightmane.

A terrible woodkin of terrible power,
he creeps through the trees in the twilight hours
His eyes black with hatred, his hair just like wire,
his branches ablaze in a permanent fire.
His arms swing low, his skin taut like gristle,
his grip fast and sharp like the burs of a thistle.

From the east in the morn, from the west in the eve,
from his grim, bloody hunting, he knows no reprieve.
The sun at his back, in a bright orange glow,
he hides in plain sight, moving silent and slow.
He wanders in search of an unknowing prey,
idle outside at the end of the day.

Should he find a lone child, or a merchant at rest,
should he find an adventurer delayed in his quest,
he will snatch them away, take them back to his lair,
caring not who he’s captured; no one is spared.
Their death is as sure as its means are unknown.
But of one thing, we’re certain: they’re not coming home.

So should you be out while the sun’s hanging low,
don’t stop for a moment, find some place to go.
You’ll be at your safest in a house or a city,
and if travelers need shelter, be kind and take pity.
Welcome as many as your home can contain,
for no one deserves to meet Gnarly Brightmane.

Also my first attempt at drawing anything mildly intimidating ;;

(Link for awesome poetry and whatnot and also to find out the poem this drawing was based on!)