You build me up to let me down.

We had a good run but this girl doesn’t need a sidekick.

We’ll say goodbye the hundredth time…

I knew that you would probably end up doing something like this and I shouldn’t be mad.

I loved you because that’s what I wanted to do and I tried my hardest to show you who you were and what you could be- happy.

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Yr Mangled Heart

If everything you do has got a hold on me
Then everything I do has got a hole in it
I’ve been here before I should be used to it
But I can’t take it no more, I can’t take it no more
Oh whoa, oh whoa whoa whoa

Your mangled heart, your battered love that’s hanging on to memories
You’re letting go of everything that used to be
I’ve had enough, you’ll build me up to let me down, yeah