Almost nothing is known about Yrial’s origins at this time except that her powers appears to be those of a shaman. Her people live on a island floating two and one-half miles above the Earth, hidden within a cloud. They made every effort to keep mankind from learning about them - until Yrial took it upon herself to investigate the Jumpstart which created the Strangers. As a result, her people “punished” her by banishing her to Earth, and punishment is exactly how she regards every minutes of it.


Yrial grew up amongst the mysterious sky dwelling people that reside above Earth. Here she trained in their magical arts and became a shaman/priestess. When the mysterious “jumpstart” occurred endowing various people with superhuman abilities she descended to earth to investigate. There she attacks the police to protect the people. Six of them attack her she flees into the clouds. The six arriving on the island causes her to be banished by her chief who commands she remain on earth to investigate why people have been given superpowers. She accompanies the team on many adventures which later reveal the origins of their powers. Her chief takes her back to the island since her mission is complete and to protect her team she complies but leads them to the Caribbean. When they return to her they reveal the sky people’s true origins in time to stop them declaring war on all f humanity and she rejoins the team.

She can fly and breathe in a low oxygen environment. As a high priestess of her people she can create concussive force beams, command wind, light and a variety of other things.