This reminds me of three things: (1) positive thinking has to, at some point, turn into positive doing. (2) don’t tell me, show me, and (3) “what you are shouts so loudly in my ears I cannot hear what you say.” I hope we all have a good today. Please remember that we’re all in this together; be kind to everyone you meet today. Do something good for someone today and you’ll do something good for Him. Let’s make the right choices today fam #ypowr #thinkgood #dogood #blessed #choice #Him #chooseHim (Taken with instagram)

Just signed up for my first official race! It’s the 5K, but this is what my training calls for on Week 6; to run a 5K. Who’s coming with me? It’ll be fun! It’s this Sunday in Elk Grove! C’mon! I just decided to do this 10 minutes ago and signed up just like that. Let me know if you’re interested! @illessness is going and she doesn’t even know yet ;) … #ypowr #running #run #5K #health #fitness (Taken with instagram)

Mile 11 of our very first Half Marathon (13.1 miles) and we got smiles on our faces. Trust me fam, if you want to be a runner, you have to learn to enjoy it first, you have to want to run, you have to respect your feet, your body and the ground you’re running on. You have to grow to love running. Don’t run for anything other than your love for running; everything else will come: the health, the fitness, the abs, the endurance, etc. Don’t disrespect running by feeling that you HAVE to run! You don’t HAVE to run, you GET to run!!! #BornToRun #everyday #getsome #ypowr @gojwong (Taken with Instagram)

Thank your Lord, your God for today! He seriously BLESSED us with another day. Another chance to live good and be good to our brothers and sisters. Be grateful for today and thank Him by living good today; only positivity and love today. You owe it to Him and He’s the only reason, our only purpose. HIM, HIM, HIM. He sees and hears everything we do, and when we treat someone bad we treat Him bad. It’s our choice people, it’s ALWAYS our choice. Choose HIM! #blessed #HIM #love #positivity #ypowr (Taken with Instagram)

Don’t tell me you don’t have time to hit the gym… If you want something bad enough, you’ll make time for it. Some of us make sacrifices for stupid ass shit; make sacrifices for positive things, healthy things, progressive things. Set your priorities and let’s get to work. Anything less is weak and we ain’t weak #ypowr #getsome (Taken with Instagram)

I haven’t posted my goals for a minute. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that, my IG posts, and my FB status’ have been motivating and inspirational. I want to thank all of you for your kind words. Again, I just want to lead by example and lead with love. We all have goals; I just want to be someone who motivates you and holds you accountable; tell me what you want, I’ll tell you what I want, and let’s get to work and get there together. These IG posts of my goals are an example of PDA: Public Displays of Accountability. I put my goals out there so you guys can hold me accountable. Let’s get to work fam. #everyday #positivity #ypowr #getsome #health #wellness (Taken with Instagram)

Hey everyone! If you haven’t visited my blog “” yet, check it out! I’ve been posting about my experiences during this Half Marathon Training (HMT) lately, but I’ve also posted some motivational and inspirational stuff as well. Look through the archives at my older posts and leave comments on the posts that you like. I appreciate all you guys supporting all running/health&fitness shtuff. I do all this for you guys and any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Remember that WHY > HOW. Know what you want, know WHY you want it, get to work and NEVER give up; get some! Again, you can find my blog at Thanks again fam! #ypowr #getsome (Taken with instagram)

My fam came out to support! I run because I have a family who I want to be healthy for. I run so that I could tell my nephews and nieces that they could do whatever they want if they put their mind to it; that if they want something bad enough, they could get it. I want to be an example for my family. I want my nephews and nieces and my own future kids to know that sometimes in life you’ll want to stop, you’ll want to quit but you MUST keep moving. Health and fitness is a lifestyle. It’s NOT about how much you can lift, whether you have a 6-pack or not, how far or fast you could run or how high you could jump; health and fitness is being supportive, it’s respect, it’s love, it’s compassion, it’s motivation, it’s teamwork, it’s found in others. So many times during this run I turned to someone who was struggling and said “great job, you could do it!” The look on their faces was priceless and the sound of their “thank you” made my heart smile. I run for my family and friends and I run for thise experiences; nothing else. Why > How. #ypowr (Taken with instagram)