Any Tuesday that starts off with a Wonder Woman this phenomenal is bound to be great!

Just throwing some inspiration your way and reminding anyone who is looking at this that you can achieve any dream you set your mind to.

Whether its a fitness goal or being Wonder Woman in YOUR skin with YOUR hair and body type, NOTHING is impossible.

Much love to @missfitjunkie for the inspiration and lovely photo ♥

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Photographer Spotlight - Art Streiber

The truth is, celebrity photography never loses its power. However, you can definitely tell the difference between the good and the bad. And it’s always fun to see well known faces through the eyes of a photographer.  LA based photographer Art Streiber captures all of his portraits with the type of depth that separates his work from the masses.

Today I thought it would be fun to look at some interesting shots of some well known celebrities. Some artists, musicians, actors, and comedians all shot by the talented Art Streiber. This particular collection of people I selected from Art’s portfolio are also some of my personal favorites! So please enjoy, and don’t feel guilty about loving celebrity photography!


Hey beautiful followers and any of you fine tumblr folk who may come across this note. 

With just two weeks left in our fundraiser for Young people of color Inc. I wanted to put the word out again and signal boost this amazing project in the hopes of funding a holiday event for the community’s youth and implementing our very first summer institute in 2014 and hosting a general interest meet-up Spring 2014 to attract students, staff and sponsorship.

I see so many important dialogues in the tumblr-verse and so many poignant topics and causes are discussed and aided via social media these days that I am truly hoping this project can become on of them. We often get angry with one another for not being “proactive” in our own issues and helping to advance the movement and alleviate the struggle. This is me talking about it and being about it. So I hope you take the time to read this, like it, reblog it, and donate to the cause if possible. If not? Just let me know I ain’t in this by myself. Words of encouragement go a long way. I’m a punk. So what.

Below I have posted our initial campaign at the start of the company last year. We are currently trying to fund a holiday event, our general interest meet up this spring and our launch semester this summer but the more funds we collect, the more efficiently we can maneuver, plus I wanted you to see why the company and its goals are worth funding, not just the event of the moment.

Before I introduce you to the company, I’d like to introduce you to myself so you have confidence that I have crafted the methodology and beliefs of Young People of Color Inc. with an expertise only lived experiences can provide. My name is Tajh Sutton and I am the Founder and President of Young People of Color Incorporated. I am a young woman of color myself, being of Afro-Caribbean descent. I have worked in the public school system for 6 years as a tutor, peer mentor and an activity specialist in step and dance instruction for various elementary, middle and high schools. 


In doing so I have learned the value of the performing arts as a creative outlet for our youth and how they can be used as a tool to instill discipline, work ethic and dedication, which can and must be applied in the classroom. I currently work as a step instructor for the Step-in-Schools Foundation. I am an Education Major at Brooklyn College with a concentration in English and a member of the Brooklyn College Student Union. Thanks to fantastic Professors and political activity I have come to truly realize the worth and dare I say, NECESSITY of a critically thinking and questioning mind as well as the confidence to turn those thoughts into ACTION. From these experiences and my belief in being the change you’d like to see in the world- Young People of Color Inc. was born!


Young People of Color Incorporated is a grassroots company based out of Brooklyn, New York that is Dedicated to the acknowledgement, advancement, and achievement of young people of color;  a celebration of urban accomplishment in education, activism, writing, fashion and the performing arts- meant to improve the quality of life of all young people of color, to inform, encourage and to set a positive example while acknowledging the individuality, opinions and preferences of the large and diverse group that makes up our youth with a magnifying glass as opposed to a disapproving glance. We are not here to teach you the answers; we would like to show you how to question- using the written word, the performance arts, deep discussion and the power of the World Wide Web to encourage, inform and uplift in the hopes that young people of color will be able to make decisions that reflect well on themselves, their families, their communities and Black culture across the Diaspora.  


The Impact


We hope to “give young people of color the tools they need to build the future they deserve” in the form of critical thinking skills, political empowerment and a platform on which they can discover, hone and showcase their various talents.


What You Get


What this means for young people of color?


Self Confidence.

Improved public speaking and writing skills.

A sense of control of their own lives.

The feeling that they are GOOD at something.

The notion that a collective CARES about their well-being.

A safe place to be.


What this means for parents, community members and educators?


A chance to become INVOLVED with not just your own child’s academic and creative growth, but ALL OUR CHILDREN. 

A chance to have unique dialogue with youth in a safe space.

A chance to let your kids surprise you.

An opportunity to see your young man or woman rise to any challenge.


What this means for the staus quo?




What We Need 

Because we are a grassroots movement we have started our lectures and performing arts workshops in local schools and are working in conjunction with other amazing organizations such as the Step-in-Schools Foundation and Girls Inc., but ultimately we would like to be able to stand on our own two feet as an incorporation and we can only do that with your help! 


The Short List:


We need promotional materials, incorporation filing fees, capital to rent venues for seminars and events, and equipment for video and audio recording in order to keep YPCTV (Young People of Color TV current as well as to document our own awesomeness =)


The Long List:


Incorporating in the state of New York: $278 

Trademarking the business name ‘Young People of Color Incorporated’: $149

Press Kit: $250

Literature (Flyers, Business cards & Information Pamphlets): $150

Merchandise (T-shirts & Wrist Bands): $1,380.16

2 Piece Mic Set: $50

Cam Corder: $500

Laptop: $1,000

Software for video editing: $1,000

Tripod: $150


This adds up to $4,907.16


That is a large number for most of us, but there is power in OUR numbers and we can raise that money by the time this campaign is up! 


Note *** If for some reason, Young People of Color Incorporated should incur less financial strain than it anticipates, the remainder of our funds raised by this campaign will be safe guarded in what I like to call ‘The People’s Pocket’, meaning it will stay in the Young People of Color account once these basic needs are met and be used for purposes related ONLY to the business transactions of Young People of Color Incorporated. ***


Other Ways You Can Help


Even if you cannot donate to the YPoC campaign at this time there are lots of other ways you can help the movement grow and become as powerful as we know it has the potential to be!


The easiest and quickest way to promote in the name of Young People of Color is to help us build our social network- since the internet is one of the main stays of the program and one of the key ways we intend to draw in  youth. Here’s a short list of ways you can help out without spending a dime.


1. Like us on Facebook:

Use the Link below to like the Young People of Color Incorporated fb fan page and tag it in a status so your friends can see what an awesome thing you just did. Encourage them to do the same! And don’t forget to show love in the form of aWall post as well! We love hearing from supporters. 


2. Follow us on Tumblr:

Use the Link below to Follow and be sure to re-blog the YPoC mission statement. The more you like and reblog YPoC posts, the more people find out about what an awesome project we’re working on, which will compel more people to get involved, and most importantly to help us fund-raise! 


3. Follow us on Twitter:

Use the Link below to Follow and be sure to add us to a tweet with the hash-tag  #YPoC and the twitter @YoungPplofColor!/youngpplofcolor 


4. Blog or Make a YouTube Video about Young People of Color Inc.


Whether you get 100,000 hits a week, or 10 hits a month, any and all support is appreciated by YPoC.


5. Create your own fundraiser for Young People of Color Inc.


How easy would it be to ask your favorite Professor if you could put a link on the board at the end of class and direct your schoolmates to Young People of Color on Facebook, Tumblr or twitter? How about holding a fundraiser for a club or team you already belong to and donating some of the proceeds to YPoC? Thinking like this, the possibilities are endless, and we need all open hearts and minds to promote promote promote!


6. Create your own promotional material for Young People of Color Inc.


Do you draw? Are you a graphics designer or writer? Do you love to create? If so, creating a piece of artwork, a logo, a pamphlet, business card or flyer for Young People of Color should be a cinch! Not only will it expand your craft but it will do a huge service to a great cause. If you go this route be sure to email us so we can see. Who knows. You may become the mind behind the Young People of Color logo!


7. Submit and be featured on a Young People of Color Inc. page!


As lovers of all things youth and PoC related, we love to hear from like-minded individuals and see what’s going on with you. Yes YOU. YPoC has a genuine interest in it’s fellow man and a huge stake in the future of young people of color. We want to see your coolest outfit. Your talent show performance. Your report card. Your debate team match. Your step show. Your footage from the protest. Your cover of that new Beyonce joint. We want it all! Share your features everywhere online and be sure to mention Young People of Color!


You can submit by emailing


Young People of Color Incorporated thanks you for your time and consideration and looks forward to your support in making it’s aim to “give young people of color the tools they need to build the future they deserve” a reality.




Tajh Sutton


Founder of Young People of Color Incorporated

The donation link for our current fundraiser- which ends in two weeks as of today December 3rd is below. I hope we can come together and meet our goal of $2,500 !!

Sato Shintaro Lights Up The City In His Work

Great photographers are often considered masters of light.  Such is the case with Sato Shintaro.  His late-night cityscapes radiate with light in crisp sharpness.  This quality of light juxtaposed against the often desaturated colors of buildings and other city elements definitely creates this awe about the photos where they feel like the cities are glowing with life.  Just goes to show you how important light can be in a photographer’s work.


Yes kids. That’s who you think it is. Model Tonice Taylor and break out group Mindless Behavior show Young People of Color Incorporated some love!

Have YOU entered the YPoC photo contest yet?

It’s easy!

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself with a sign that says, “I Support Young People of Color Incorporated!” and email it to!

It’s a fun, free and interactive way to not only get to know our supporters, but to promote this wonderful cause. Be sure to send in your flicks and feel free to enter more than once! You can make a sign, paint a picture, decorate a shirt, the more creative the better! All the entries end up on our sites, but the best ones become our profile picture for a week!

Looking forward to your photo submissions =)

Read more about YPoC here

Follow us here!/YoungPplofColor

Like us here

Donate here

Peace <33


Yes indeed. It seems even the best of intentions can be compromised in the glare of the public eye.
Every entrepreneur wants to take their enterprise to the next level but every business started somewhere.
We must promote our own goods and services, and encourage our youth to be mindful of money matters and cooperative economics as well as arm them with the creativity and diligence to create the things they wish existed.
We need to get back to a collective mentality instead of this crabs in a barrel foolishness. Supporting poc owned and run small businesses and projects is just one way to foster that united and collective progression.
#blacklove #blackbusiness #supportblackbusiness #blackentrepeneurs #blackteachers #blackdesigners #blackartists #blackcreatives #blackpeople #theblackcommunity #blackyouth #blackparents #poc #woc #ypoc

Don’t worry about the people counting you out because of where you come from, how you dress, how you speak, your family make up or anything else. The sky is truly the limit. Whether you are on a natural hair journey, a quest to get that g.e.d. years later or just looking for a gig to pay the bills every month you have to believe that your effort will eventually yeild results. Never stop trying. #ypoc #TajhTaughtYou

Trying is a precursor to SUCCEEDING.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

When we all change our focus to collectively achievement and pushing the entire diaspora forward there will be no opposition that can stop us and no room for doubt of our greatness.

You were BORN great.


Sometimes you have to compel yourself to live up to your full potential.

In spite of overwhelming socioeconomic, racial, and political odds and the day to day struggles we all face you STILL have to find the strength to be your OWN biggest fan.

They say no man is an island but the truth is, some men, women and children have no choice in whether or not they have a support system.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach for the stars.

Working in the public school system I come across so many parents who don’t care enough about their children’s academic performance and extra curricular interests.

As an activist I’m told time and time again that my efforts are in vain and there’s “nothing we can do” to effect the status quo.

As an aspiring artist who keeps her clothes on it would be easy to get discouraged from pursuing the creative arts.

But none of that will stop my shine. I am far too valuable to my people, to the human race, to history, to let anything or anyone deter me from the greatness I was destined to achieve.

You are just as invaluable.

So own that and be your own motivation.

#motivation #instaquotes #ypoc #poc #woc #empowerment #selflove #blackyouth #blackpeople #theblackcommunity

I take my racism in doses now

Otherwise I’ll die.

So if you’re wondering why I’m not online as much.

It’s because I’m hell bent on spending my time showing my people their worth in real time. Makes it easier to come home and log in and deal with the shit storm that is internet racism.

I spend a lot of time attempting to pull bigots out of their bigotry. I’ve learned that it is essential to educate my own FIRST. Yall ignorant asses can wait. 

And those of you who choose to sit back and be silent and do nothing with your (whatever the fuck shade of) Brown skinned asses. You can have a seat too.

And YES. Participating in dialogue is important and SIGNIFICANT. Doesn’t matter where it happens. It needs to be happening. The internet is just as good as your campus or local coffee shop. Your racist soccer buddy will lie to your face. But online? You get to find out what people are REALLY thinking. I actually prefer this discourse. People’s raw fuckedupness is a constant reminder of the work left to be done and the danger my babies still face.

Don’t sleep on any ism. That shit is alive and well. 

Combat it by changing the discourse.

Be that annoying bitch that makes everything political/ racial/ a big deal.


GIVE NO FUCKS WHOSE FEELINGS YOU HURT WITH YOUR BRUTAL HONESTY. Because while they bitch about how “rude” “angry” and “nasty” you are people that look like you are dying across the world.

Scuse me if I’m mad that my baby boy can’t walk down the street at night unless he has on a 3 fucking piece suit.


How cool is that?
#Repost from @afrocenchick with @repostapp —- I was featured on !! I’m honored. Many people talk a good game on social media but their movements don’t match the rhetoric. It’s important we promote & support people doing positive things and the @freethinkmvmt is definitely championing all things pro-woman and POC. Be sure to check it out, follow, visit their website and Check out my feature at #freethinkHER #freethinkmovement #dopewomeninspire #sisterhood #afrocenchick #ypoc #locloveliveshere #youngpeopleofcolorinc

Happy Valentine’s day to all the beautiful Brown girls out there. Whether you do or don’t have a significant other to share this sham of a holiday with, whether or not you have a family worth celebrating I just want you to know that I love you, I see you, I believe in you and I will never make you ferl like anything less than the beautiful, unique, multi faceted, courageous, talented HUMAN BEING that you are. Self love is the best love but if you’re just not feeling very lovable today please know you have a Valentine in me! You are the best! #blackgirlsrock #happyvalentinesday #blackisbeautiful #brownisbeautiful #woc #poc #ypoc #black #brown

Two of my favorite young creatives in #Hollywood right now. @lupitanyongo & @michaelbjordan proving that there are an infinite number of ways to represent the Black Diaspora and you can be a celebrity without selling your soul, compromising your identity or promoting stereotypes or following trends in order to be in the spotlight. I won’t get into movie reviews but I will say #12yearsaslave and #fruitvalestation are films that are worthy of your time and should spawn some thought provoking conversations about humanity, perception, history and how much race relations have (or haven’t? ) changed. It is always a pleasure to see #youngpeopleofcolor doing it big ♥ #ypoc

I was feeling crafty. Made my own book cover featuring some amazing women of color. Never stifle the creative process no matter how it manifests itself!

Now, speaking of creating, I am strongly considering creating some kind of news program for #YPOC

I will be doing a trial run this Friday and posting it to youtube.

I write a lot, but unfortunately way too many people, especially ours, no longer feel it necessary or find it appealing to read. I’ve always said the web would be a huge component of helping youth and people in general to gravitate toward the YPOC movement.

Here’s to putting my money where my mouth is.

Tune in this Friday!