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Mini Qee Sneak Preview Vid.

Toy2R is dropping an all new line of 5" Mini Qee figures this February and they’re already looking pretty off-the-chain. It’ll be nice to see what artists do with these things, but it’ll be even nicer to see something other than Munnys and Dunnys dominating the custom scene.

This new series will make its debut at Yoyamart in NYC (during Toyfair!) at 7pm on February 14th with a bunch of customs by some truly talented artist. Check out Toy2R on Facebook page for more sneak peeks and teasers of the customs.

I can’t believe I forgot to post this. This is a picture of Jon-Paul Kaiser and myself at his show opening at Yoya Mart back in October, takin by his wife Kelley. Probably the coolest thing that happend to me last year. @avboggs is kinda photo-bombing Jon-Pauls chin. #jpk #yoyamart #NYC

Scott Tolleson's "Cousin Argh" custom Qee

Today we are sharing with you yet another awesome custom Qee that was on display at the Toy2R NYC♥QEE Toy Fair Preview Party at Yoyamart, and my goodness does this look good! Titled “Cousin Argh”, and on a classic Toyer platform, Scott Tolleson keeps on rocking the argyle sweaters, and rad color schemes with this super ‘production like’ custom Qee. Do yourself a favor and click on the above picture to make it bigger and look at the detail… Scott has an uncanny knack for detail, and it shows in this piece. I asked Scott how he creates these and he said “Lots of thin coats of paint to help eliminate brush strokes and tiny brushes…. I use Cel-Vinyl, always.” Good to know… and keep up the stellar work man!

then this is going to happen @nycc:

uk-based artist jon-paul kaiser will bring his beautifully stark black and white linework customs across the pond to nyc ! he will be focusing his attention on star wars: a new hope themed pieces. done in collaboration with toy2r, this exhibition will open on october 11th, 2012 at yoyamart (15 gansevoort st., new york, ny 10014)

#fotodiamore NYC rent is too damn high, Nooooooo #10years #RIP #yoyamart boooooo to all you greedy landlords. Another physical store turned virtual. At least the girls got to enjoy it, Melody was bummed! @jbadamusic (at Yoyamart)

Custom "Nuggs" Qee by Ian Ziobrowski

The amazing customs keep rollin in from the very recent show that happend last Monday at the Toy2R NYC♥QEE Toy Fair Preview Party at Yoyamart… and today we are getting a closer look at Ian Ziobrowski’s piece titled Nuggs “The Original hedge clippa”! This custom comes fully loaded with some brand new clippers and a satchel of some freshly picked herbs, and unfortunately for YOU, but fortunate for Ian… this guy sold the night of the show. I really dig the ongoing ‘Nugglife’ theme that Ian incorporates into each of his customs… it really makes for a nice progression throughout his body of work!

ZAM's "Welcome To Corporate America" Qee

Toy2R just had their awesome Toy Fair Preview Party on Monday, February 14th, 2011 at Yoyamart and it was a HUGE success… now we get to see all the amazing custom trickle in and get up close and personal with each one. First up is the amazing custom from Zam of Genunie Artikle as he transformed Toy2R’s Mini Bear Qee into a really amazing custom with the title “Welcome to Corporate America”. Zam too a mini Munny head, placed it on the Qee body, used the top of the Qee head to form Mickey Mouse ears and then he took a smaller Qee head and put it inside a clear sphere creating a Disney balloon… this custom is seriously amazing and one of the best executed I have ever seen! I am sure this is open to interpretation, and I will leave that up to you all to decide :-) Great stuff Zam!

Toy2R's clear Qee with Freeny anatomy

I know this has been in the works for a while now, and just recently on display at the NYC♥Qee Toy Fair Party at Yoyamart last Monday was the all clear, fully articulated, 7" Qee from Toy2R… and what better way to show off the functionality and aesthetics of this new figure then to have the king of fairy tale anatomy, Jason Freeny, take a crack at it. As you can see fromt the pictures above, he filled up each cavity with not only some skeletal system, but some guts as well… and at the event this was on display with the label saying “Prototype”… so does that mean this may actual be a production piece?!?! I sure hope so… but time will tell! I also can’t wait to see what other customizers do with an all clear figure… SWEET!

5" Mini Qee collection debut and custom show

Toy2R just announced the full details on their upcoming Toy Fair Preview Party… and it’s a big one! On February 14th, 2011 Toy2R is slated to debut their new 5" Mini Qee DIY Collection, and to help revel the platform, they have asked a ton of top-notch customizers in the game to take a crack at this new platform. There are going to be 30+ customized 5" Mini Qees from: Jason Freeny, Jon-Paul Kaiser, ViseOne, Scott Tolleson, Voltaire, MCA, Pocket Wookie, A Little Stranger, NEMO, Mr. Den, Ian Ziobrowski, Zam, Mr. Munk, Dinky Cow, NREAZON, Grimsheep, Foox, JRYU, Rampage Toys, Phetus, LYSOL, Bryan Allen Collins, Atypical, Matt Anderson, RSIN, Southerndrawl, Tony DePew and Nerviswr3k. This is going to be one heck of an event and if your flying out/going to Toy Fair… this event is a must! Yoyamart is playing host to this show so you know it’s going to be good, so save the date and make plans to head down for a night of fun and incredible art!

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