the fact that the first thing john says is “sherlock you okay?” and then sherlock is like stay where you are and he’s like “no I’m coming in” is pretty bad. i don’t even have the energy to be sad anymore. I’m so tired. I’m just so tired. He came to save Sherlock. I need ten or twelve naps. Like he was rushing lik e he was gonna go save him, he knew something was wrong, was gonna rush inside to save him, he obviously knows something is wrong I HATE HATE that he says “why are you saying this?” cause he knows it’s not true so he’s already looking for reasons why sherlock is being forced to say what he is saying. why can’t i just lie down. just for a little while. 

I’ve recently hit 4k followers (!!!), which is completely insane. Thank you all so much for following me! I decided that this would be a great time to do a follow forever, since I hit my goal AND 1989 is out on Monday!

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The Thing That'll Kill You Is Fear


Never leaving your house, will kill you. Staying where you are and being afraid, will kill you. Pecking at the new notifications icon on your social media platforms of choice, cycling through them like a series of surreal fridge doors that might contain something better since you last looked, this is what will kill you second by second until you realise you have none left. You are far more likely to die from fear and apathy, from not having lived and fulfilled the multitude of promises that you make yourself each night before you fall asleep, than anything else.