I accept this loss & have found inner peace although the last play was a terrible call by the offense but you gotta go hard or go home. We all saw terrible play calling by the officials helped the loss (or win if you’re a Seattle fan). Congrats Seattle on your second chance to goto the Super Bowl. #49ers #ninergang #youwinsomeyoulosesome

I just bought a demin vest because a) I’ve wanted one for a while and b) accessorizing maternity clothes works in my favor. Except it’s not maternity. I want to wear this bitch after I have the baby. So I bought my size pre-pregnancy. I’m fairly certain that it’ll end up making me feel fatter and I’ll be fatguyinalittlecoat-ing around town, but so be it. At least I’ll have a marginal amount of style.

Ugh this picture makes me sad. This was when I started losing weight. I remember last year thinking I was still so fat. I tried on those jeans today and yeah…they go up to my thighs and that’s it. I can’t be mad. I just gotta get up and go to the gym and keep on.

I’ll get it back.

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Sometimes you just have to UNLEASH YOUR HAPPY!

It’s been one of those days.

Everyday as an Entrepreneur is a learning experience. Try to take all things in stride. Just because today may not have been what you expected, don’t give up. Unleash Your Happy and try again tomorrow!