How to get wider shoulders!

Okay, pretty much every guy (and some girls!) want broader shoulders. In order to train shoulders, I’ll often see guys doing shoulder presses with a barbell or dumbbells, or doing some other variation of a shoulder press.

Here’s why that isn’t going to get you much wider at all..

There are 3 separate heads that make up the shoulders. Front, side, and rear delts.

Doing overhead presses hits the front delts heavily. You’ll notice with some guys that only ever do these presses that they have a hunched over look because their front delts are overdeveloped in comparison to the side and rear delts.

if you want to get wider, train your side delts! That’s where the emphasis should be. Don’t neglect the front and rear though.

Another note on doing shoulder presses, I basically avoid them altogether. If you train chest enough and do bench presses, the front delts are already activated. Doing shoulder presses can overwork the front delts and overdevelop them. Bodybuilders are always concerned with balance and symmetry, so they want all three heads to be evenly developed. Not having evenly developed muscles can also lead to injury, as I’ve witnessed many times.

In summary, if you want wider shoulders, do less shoulder presses and do a lot more side delt work. Side raises and all side raise variations are a great way to hit the side delts.

I’ll let Rich Piana talk about it some more..


There are some regulars at my gym that have been going for months or years, and after all this time they still look the same..and then there are those people at the gym that look radically different after just several months.

If you’re one of those people that isn’t noticing change and results, there are 2 big things that you should be considering:

1. NUTRITION. It makes all the difference. it doesn’t matter how hard you work if you don’t eat right and get a good balance of carbs, proteins, and fats. Your body needs the right amount to grow. All the people at the gym that have experienced dramatic results in a relatively short amount of time have one thing in common: they eat right.

2. ROUTINE. Your actual workout routine obviously has an impact on your muscle development or fat loss. If you do the same thing week in, week out with minimal or no results, it’s clearly time to change what you’re doing to stimulate your body into growth. Some people complain about hitting “plateaus” - the point where you can no longer get any progress. Here’s the thing..there is such thing as a plateau. But it is more accurately described as your “peak.” That is the point where you have reached the limits and potential of fitness or muscle development. And while everyone can only go so far on their natural genetics (barring the use of steroids, growth hormone, etc), 99% of us will never get there. So really, your plateau isn’t a plateau. It’s just a speed bump. And in order to get over these speed bumps, there are plenty of things you could try, such as:

-Changing your exercises

-Increasing weight over time (progressive overload) - this is how you build muscle.

-Increasing volume

-Decreasing rest time between sets

-Adding in drop sets, negatives, super sets, or rest-pauses.

if you do the same thing every week, you body will adapt to it, and you will stop getting any progress. You have to keep challenging yourself and find new ways to tear apart your muscles.

Running water never grows stale. So you just have to ‘keep on flowing.’

-Bruce Lee