Ok ARMYs this is real. Our boys deserves to win and we are losing. So PLEASE , stream the teaser here clicking in the orange buttom , vote for them here (we are 3rd!!!!) , watch the MV in Youtube WRITING THE TITLE OF THE MV and see it in iBIGHIT channel and tweet ‘#다쇼#방탄소년단 @SBS_MTV ’ as much as you can WITHOUT PHOTOS OR VIDEOS IN THE TWEET. And don’t repeat the hastags in the tweet because that counts as spam. 

We can ARMYs!!!


150503 BIGBANG - BAE BAE at SBS Inkigayo
Other Video: LOSER
Source: BIGBANG’s Official Youtube Page

Spaß in der Sonne - Fun in the sun 😀

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It appears that this season’s updates are going to have ABC TV posting more often. The trailer for episode 1 for e.g. is on the ABC youtube channel

I have a lot of stuff going on this month with a house move, sick parent etc so I won’t be posting very much.  I will try and reblog as often as possible of course. And yeah there are way more blogs for S3 than they were for S2 - so enough to keep even the most obsessive fan satisfied :)

There has been a lot of discussion about spoilers. I think fans have t just be aware that despite all the tagging tumblr is going to be ONE BIG SPOILER in May and June.  Probably best to stay away if you hate spoilers. 

I just realised I was tagged by bands tube​ to do a thing so I’m doing that thing.

1. Any scars? yeah, I cut the side of my eye on a plastic box when I was 7 and had to get it glued back together ew. The rest have faded

3. Crush? hell yes omg

4. Ever kissed anyone? yeah

5. Coke or pepsi? Diet Pepsi bc I’m a literal weirdo

6. Someone you hate? Nash Grier 

7. Best friend?  abigailliddy and sebastians-bocchan

8. Ever drank alcohol? yup

9. Done drugs? god no

10. Dream job? an actress or in a band probably

11. Ever been in love? does Phil Lester count?

12. Last time you cried? today #17years

13. Favourite colour? black and aqua

14. Height? 5′3/5′4 i think

15. Birthday? every day 

16. Eye colour? brown sometimes gold

17. Hair colour? brown and blonde/hella light pink

18. What do you love? concerts, dogs and girls 

19. Obsession? Harley Quinn

20. Do you love someone? does Phil Lester count?

21. Kiss or hug? hugssss

22. Nickname? els

23. Favourite song? probably Hallelujah by p!atd rn

24. Favourite band? Green Day

25. Worst thing ever? homophobia

26. Best thing ever? coming home from a crap day and cuddling your dogs

27. Near death experience? almost walked in to a car but my friend pulled me back 

28. Ever dated? yeah

29. Worst mistake? what’s in the past is in the past 

30. Talents? drawing sometimes, Tae Kwon Do, acting and guitar 

31. Someone you can tell anything to? my two best friends :) 

32. Ever lost a loved one? yeah 

33. Do you believe in love? yup

34. What about love at first sight? not really 

35. Are you okay? yeah m9

I tag abigailliddy sebastians-bocchan youtuberscrazyphan cat-whiskers-and-irony and madphan


방탄소년단 ‘I NEED U’ Dance Practice

I mean if you wan’t to dislike one of Rose and Rosie’s videos on Youtube then that is totally your choice like you can do whatever you want I won’t stop you :)

And if you want to negatively comment on Roseanne’s use of filters on Instragam that’s totally cool too :))))

And honestly, like if you just really want to share your ignorant opinions on the validity of their marriage and love then go ahead I totally support you speaking your mind!!!! 

Honestly guys, if you want to say anything negative or even remotely ignorant or close minded about Rose and Rosie please just speak your mind I would love to hear!!!! :)