8 valentines just in time for V-day! :D You lovely people should give these to your sweethearts and lemme know if you do! :) Also, there are 352 people following this blog now! :D Thank you! :)

How do you guys plan on spending your Valentines Day? :)

Oh, and do you guys want special Valentines Day GIF imagines?

I was planning on sending pics of Conversation Hearts to cute people on Twitter. XP *All By Myself (Spanish Version) plays in background*


anonymous said:

Can I have a damon fizzy imagine?

Sure, babe! :D

Here goes:


You run into your house slam the door and throw your bag down.

"Grrrr! I’m am so angry!" You yell in agitation. 

Damon walks into the living room where you are.

"Hey, babe. What’s the matter?" he asks.

"It’s my mom, she keeps pressuring me about my grades and social life and college and everything and- and- I just can’t deal with it anymore!"

Suddenly, you crouch on the floor and cover your face as, hot tears stream down your cheeks.

Damon runs over and wraps his arms around you, rocking you back and forth. He kisses your head and whispers “It’s alright. Everything’s gonna be alright.”

"It’s just- she expects me to study as hard as I can- and I’m trying. But, she also wants me to have friends and a life while, taking care of schoolwork, too! She’s got me so worried about my future and college and- and- everything." You finally confess.

"I don’t have to worry about my future. Y’know why?" Damon asks, with a smirk.

"Why?" You sob back.

"Because…you are my future. You’re my everything! And, the reason I’m not worried about you is because I know you’re gonna turn out fine. Things’ll get better. I promise." he says and, smiles at you.

"I love you, Damon." You reply.

"I love you, too." Damon says and, kisses your head.

WOW. That was fun to write! Thank you for your request! :D

jack-alphonse said:

Greetings Human, I am asking for an Imagine with Alfie Deyes. My name is Raven Akira Ranger, I am crazy, weird, and strange. I am hoping you can make the Imagine about a Doctor Who date. Please?

Greetings, um… Non-Human? Yes, I will write you an Alfie-Deyes-Doctor-Who imagine. :D

Here goes:


Tonight was your first date with Alfie. You guys had decided on a night in so, you could get to know each other better. You put on your floppy sweater and skinnies and headed for the living room to put on Doctor Who and make some popcorn. A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. 

"It’s Alfie!" The shout came from the other side.

"Coming!" You shouted and, went to open the door.

"Hey, babe!" Alfie shouted, and scooped you up in a hug.

"Easy." You laughed. "You’re gonna make me spill my coffee."

"Whoops. Love the Tardis mug, by the way." he replied, and gave that adorable grin.

You guys went to the living area, watched Doctor Who and had a great time.

Eventually, you started getting sleepy. You snuggled up to Alfie and lay your head on his shoulder. 

"This date has been really fun." You smile at him.

"It has." he responds.

Alfie leans down and gives you a peck on the lips. A smile forms on your lips.

"What was that for?" You ask, grinning.

"Because, I like seeing girls smile. And Raven, your smile is my favorite." 

asdfghjkl. :) What’d you think? I didn’t really portray you as weird, though. haha thanks for the request! :D

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