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Campaign to Get Mamrie Hart to 1 Million Subscribers

At last count, Youtuber/Beautiful Human Mamrie Hart has about 893,000 subscribers to her channel.  I think she deserves so many more.

In case you don’t know, mamrie hosts the Youtube show You Deserve a Drink in which she toasts a current pop cultural happening (person/thing/event) by making a tasty signature cocktail for it.  Sometimes she just gets blitzed with her friends gracehelbig and mydrunkkitchen. It’s a lot of fun!

Ms. Hart is also the author of a book, which comes out May 26.  So as a fan/believer in the power of the internet I thought it would be nice to at least try to get Mamrie to a million subs to coincide with the release of her book to show appreciation.

Reasons to Sub to Mamrie:

And the most important reason is that this is her dog:

Her name is Beanz, and you’re welcome.

Now, go! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0XWmgRsBL-6X-ZJ7tR3mEg