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zoella friendships | anna saccone

@Zozeebo: An @AnnaSaccone appreciation post. I love this woman and since she moved to the UK with her beautiful family she has had me crying with laughter & been a constant support. She is very important to me & I will never let her move back to Ireland or anywhere else (I’m obvs joking, but secretly not joking at all and I will be dragged along by her ankle if that was actually the case and she knows it)


I, the Boris Fungus, know there is a great deal of concern regarding doing the “follow for follow” here at the tumblr…

There are some who even make the outrageous claim that to do this is COMMUNISM…

And because of this, there are some of you who are even feeling a bit apprehensive in regards to this matter…

But do not have these worries, dear comrades.  I assure you, doing the “follow for follow” at the tumblr is not COMMUNISM…

But rather, the most glorious form of freedom of expression that there is!

Tumblrites unite!  You have nothing to lose but your chains!!


New episode of Feminist Fridays! Is Steven Universe Hella Feminist? 

The first female created Cartoon Network show deals with everything from gender to LGBTQ+ relationships to cat shaped ice cream. 


there are cards i need in my life, and i also want to send you one!? (x)

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I’ve always loved this video. Just watching Ray and Michael meet up is the sweetest thing.


If CrossFitters Took a Yoga Class

Relax your mind so you can destroy your body.