Hi Tumblr Family!

I’m sorry I have been away from the tumblrverse for so long.

But summer is here and I hope to be back and be on tumblr 5evr…hehe.


ANYWAY big news, y’all.

I’m very happy/thrilled/excited/overjoyed to announce that I am a Microsoft YouthSpark Challenge for Change finalist.

What that means is that I am one of twenty finalists in the running for a service trip to Kenya and grant money to fuel my dreams of spreading peace education and conflict resolution skills to schools around the world.

All I ask of you to assist me in my mission is to check out my video, titled “Peace-ing It Together: A Global Educational Solution” (it’s only TWO minutes…so it won’t take up too much of your time!) and vote for me!
All you need is a valid email address!

See the video here: https://microsoft.promo.eprize.com/studentcontest/gallery?entry_id=364

You can vote ONCE per day from now until June 24th.

There are only five winners and each person has such an amazing dream, so please check them out as well.

I sincerely appreciate all of your support.
If you have any questions about my research or challenge for change, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

And please, if you can, share this with your friends, family, neighbors, local grocery store owners…whoever you think would benefit from peace education…which is everyone. 

today was the one of the most fun days i’ve ever had. it was also so, so amazingly powerful. a few guests were macklemore, jennifer hudson, molly burke, spencer west (i love him oh my god), and demi lovato and the jonas brothers were on a live skype with us. there were singers and dancers and surprise performances and lights and clapping and screaming and inspiration and kindness. i would volunteer there in a heartbeat.

if you ever are offered a ticket to We Day, please go. it is so, so worth it

And another #WeSpeakCode event is done! Teaching the kids at the Singapore American School about #KoduGameLab, which involves topics on design their own virtual world, game logic and programming logic. The kids picked it up really well and quite a lot of interesting concepts were put forth. The most prevalent ones endured the #KoduCup judging at the end and I hope the winners enjoyed their #LeapMotion devices! #YouthSpark #MicrosoftSG (at Singapore American School)

Microsoft joins initiative to increase diversity among computer science majors

Microsoft joins initiative to increase diversity among computer science majors

At Wednesday’s Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, Microsoft announced its support for a joint initiative called “Building Recruiting and Inclusion for Diversity,” (BRAID) which will work with college and university computer science departments to increase the percentage of undergraduate majors that are female and students of color. The Anita Borg Institute and Harvey Mudd College are…

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Dubstep Dinos
“Do not question my life choices”
#microsoft #youthspark (at Microsoft Store Westfield Garden State Plaza)

New YouthSpark Youth Advisors span the globe

New YouthSpark Youth Advisors span the globe

YouthSpark Youth Advisors from 18 countries will provide ideas, feedback and insights to help the Microsoft YouthSpark initiative create programs, partnerships and resources that meet the needs of youth around the world. The Microsoft Corporate Citizenship Blog gives a snapshot of these remarkable young people, who hail from China to Kenya and many places in between, including the U.S., Egypt…

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Design Serves…Microsoft’s YouthSpark Challenge for Change

It is with much excitement that we share Design Serves founder, De Andrea Nichols, is 1 of 20 winners and finalists in Microsoft’s YouthSpark Challenge for Change. 

The competition, presented by Microsoft Citizenship, serves to “create education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for 300 million young people over three years.” By supporting the efforts of young leaders and entrepreneurs, Microsoft YouthSpark provides training, $2,500 startup funds, a trip to Kenya, and various Microsoft and Office 360 software to spark change through its selected ambassadors.

As one of the finalists, De Andrea created a video and overview of how this opportunity will benefit Design Serves and its efforts in America. View her video and show your support via the link below:


YouthSpark enters third year with updates to digital literacy curriculum, program expansions

YouthSpark enters third year with updates to digital literacy curriculum, program expansions

Two years after Microsoft YouthSpark launched, it has created education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for 227 million young people in more than 100 countries. In a post on the Official Microsoft Blog, Lori Forte Harnick, general manager for Citizenship & Public Affairs, shares how YouthSpark programs are expanding. She goes over an updated Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum,…

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