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@thelastinternationale performing O Berta Berta, a prison song from the Parchman Farm in Mississippi at the #youthjusticecoalition center in #inglewood. They threw a free concert today to support the YES vote on Prop 47 which reduces many nonviolent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. It will save California billions which will then be put into education and mental health. Such an honor to work with them.

No alcohol/drugs allowed in the building or surrounding areas.

Performances by:
Third World Labor Force
Fritz Sender
Lazy Bum 
Jo Rez 
Julio Marquez
Bored in French Class

Art by:
Jo Rez, Julio Marquez, Saint, Sektah, Loch, Hexyl, Kamra

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Respect the space and each other. 


@thelastinternationale rockin O Berta Berta a prison song originating from the workers at Parchman Farm in Mississippi at the #youthjusticecoalition in #inwood for a free concert to support the YES Vote on #prop47 in California. Yes to Prop 47 reduces felonies to misdemeanors for nonviolent crimes.
They’re an incredible band. So honored to work with them