ICYMI: BreakOUT!, an LGBTQ youth justice organization in New Orleans, put up a billboard calling attention to the epidemic of murders against transgender women of color. Their campaign is called #MakePennyProud, for slain trans woman Penny Proud, who was killed in New Orleans earlier this year. 

Of all the media requests BreakOUT! received following her death, only 2 were from local reporters- one of which was from the same newspaper that slandered her in the media, including misgendering her and alluding to criminal activity of which there was no evidence.  Even the LGBT newspaper in New Orleans failed to report her death.  City representatives remained silent and unaware.

BreakOUT!’s solution?

Make our own media. Develop our own message. Make it so big (over 24 feet wide, in fact), we can’t be ignored.

#MakePennyProud is the name of a media & action campaign to provide a platform for the transgender community in New Orleans to raise awareness about the violence experienced by transgender women of color and what can be done to stop it through the purchase of a billboard in a heavily used part of New Orleans, against the backdrop of Orleans Parish Prison.

This is how it’s done. (via BreakOUT!