your wish is my command ;

Hatake Kakashi stood proud and tall in front of the Head Butler, unflinching as the old man stared him down. There was a strange glint to his eye, a feat that almost made the young heir wonder if he was caught right then and there.

But that couldn’t be right—the Hatake heir was sure that he couldn’t be recognized all that easily, not truth.

"What did you say was your name again, young man?"

"Inazuma Shiro."

There was no hesitance in his reply, as if the name truly was his own. And for the most part, it was. His own ironies.

"Mm, of course. My apologies then, sir." He stepped out from around the desk, that strange glimmering loo in his eyes before he smiled and bowed. "A pleasure to formally meet your acquiantence, Shiro-san. You’re hired."

Kakashi mirrored the movement, wondering against all odds how he managed to actually pull this off. But still his features betrayed nothing of his emotions, stoic and polite.

The following day he found himself wearing a far too familiar ensamble, though this time adorning himself instead of the help. He looked…strange, he had to admit. For years he had seen himself with his father’s signature silver locks, now gone and dyed to a dark, midnight black. It clashed, ironically, with the name that he now donned.

Deciding that he was presentable enough, he exited the room, meeting with the Head Butler that had hired him not two feet outside. With a nod, they headed down an extended hallway, ending in a pair of ornate, grand doors. They knocked, a quiet ‘enter’ their reply, and entered.

Kakashi bowed at the waist, poise far more practiced than one who was raised on the other end of such pleasantries.

"Master Iruka. I am your personal butler from this day on. A pleasure to meet you."

Best part about waking up~ is being woken up by him… Best alarm ever. 1st day of the institution huuuttttmmmmmmmhhh I mean learning tree that he oh so kindly insisted on going to for the last two months. O_o #yourwishismycommand

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(oh! & @inbarlavi, #yourwishismycommand ;) Kehee)

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Programmed Siri to open the garage door if we say “Open sesame” and it’ll reply “your wish is my command.” It could also turn on the living room tv, all lights, and change the temperature lol 📱🔧 #technology #siri #opensesame #yourwishismycommand