Domestic violence is a major problem in our society. It is one of the most critical public health issues for women resulting in with serious, long-term health impacts and devastating effects on children and families. This issue impacts us all. While women represent the majority of victims’ of domestic violence, men are affected as well. Men and boys are also victims of domestic violence.

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1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men experience severe physical violence from an intimate partner in their lifetimes. Talking about the problem is the first step to ending it and Your Voice Counts.  Your Voice Counts includes a new video PSA featuring Sportscaster James Brown, the compelling testimonies of survivors and a new, online resource guide to help bystanders start talking about domestic violence.  These tools include “Five Ways for Men to Speak Up Against Domestic Violence,” and “How to Start the Conversation with a Friend, Co-worker or Survivor.”

Start talking about this urgent issue today.