23gurleen said:

heey! :) I'm that person who is like in love with your skins video & i messaged you a week ago or so. I'm so glad you replied to that message! Can you please re-upload it though? I think it was your best video and people would LOVE to see it again. :) if you don't want, then please just give me the download link like you. :) i'm dying to see it :D

hey =] sorry for getting back to you late, but i doubt i’ll be reuploading it (not anytime soon anyways, if i did i’d need to update it first) so here’s a download for anyone who wants it: http://www.mediafire.com/?2le3gdhe3b3th6j

oh and i’m glad you like the vid so much hehe =D

23gurleen said:

I FOUND YOU. :D Haha this is gonna be really random, but you once made that Skins video using the song "Breakeven," right? I hadn't heard about Skins until I saw your video and fell in love with it. Can you please upload the video again to YouTube? It's really precious to me, and believe me, I really do mean it. It's something that introduced me to Skins and I would love to see it again. Please oo pleasseeee :D That video means a lot to me :'). Please reply.

sorry if i’m answering this late. yeh i did =] well i’m not sure if i will be reuploading it, but i can give you a download link. awww i’m glad you liked it though =D