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Why are black people so illiterate? If you can't even type correctly or be grammatically correct how do you expect to be taken seriously when y'all riot?

why are you so jealous of us because we can articulate and be fly at the same time? why are you ugly? why is your skin so bad? ask yourself these questions before you ask me anything else. and dont ask me how i know you have bad skin and a hit face. this message screams “i have acne scars”


Not caring what people think about you is so much easier said than done and I think that it’s easy to be in school and kind of compare yourself to everybody else, you might think that you’re weird because some people don’t like you or because you just don’t feel like you belong in your own skin in your school and I think that it´s important to realize that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you you’re worth so much. As time progresses you’ll see that and you have to learn to love yourself and accept yourself because it’s your skin.

Hello! It’s tae-bunny's (2nd) updated follow forever ♡ I have recently met a lot of sweet people here on tumblr and wanted to update my previous ff post! Congrats on having such wonderful blogs ; w ; sorry it’s so long 

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i’m not 100% on the acoustics behind this but apparently if you hold your hands in front of your face you can hear your voice more like how it sounds to others / in recordings / etc. apparently this works better with larger, squarer objects as thick or slightly thinner than your hands, but the hands do noticeably alter how you hear yourself and it’s kind of cool.

also, it has the side-effect of making you look like a fucking buffoon

If you’ve lost your spiritual spark, or have been neglecting yourself spiritually along with your practices and need to get outta of this funk, this spread is for you.
I created this spread unintentionally using my new Shadowscapes deck; it started with a simple one card spread and I then continued asking questions and thus the birth of this spread. This is also my first tarot spread I’ve ever made so yay~

  1. What do I need to work on spiritually?
  2. What is needed from me to achieve that?
  3. What is preventing me from being able to achieve it?
  4. How can I change this?

Any feedback would be appreciated, and let me know how this spread works for you!

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I just wanted to tell all the girls, or boys, if you have body hair, stretch marks, scars, or moles, or like skin tags and your insecure, don't be. I have all of those, I have a dark brown freckle under my boob, and a little piece of skin, like a skin tag, but not exactly, on my nipple and I have stretch marks and belly and back hair from hell yet my boyfriend sees it and says nothing. He doesn't even stare at it. Don't stress it. Love yourself.

^^^^^ one of the best pieces of advice ever.


  • It’s okay to lay in bed and not want to get out of bed for the rest of the day the moment you wake up. Everyone has those days. You are always free to have these days too for you are a human being, not a robot.
  • It’s okay not to open the window to let the sun in your room too. You’re allowed to be in the dark as long as you know that the sun is still going to rise and set over and over again until you’re ready to see the light illuminate your darkness. It will always be waiting for you, and somehow, there is some comfort in that.
  • It’s okay to terminate toxic relationship(s)/people in your life. You are allow to do this because it is good for yourself and will save you the train-wreck in the long run.
  • It’s okay to not be able to let someone go when you are suppose to. Go at your own pace. Be bitter, cry, get angry, be sad, but let go when you are ready, and never hold onto it for too long. You are better than what your emotions in the moment are telling you.
  • It’s okay to have days when you are feeling empty or lonely, perhaps both. It’s definitely okay to have these type of days because by nature, we are bound to feel these—mostly at night since our thoughts consume us. Please always know that you are always so much more than the insecurities and demons that haunt you.
  • It’s okay to eat a carton of ice cream, and watch all the movies you love in one whole sitting. It’s okay, and don’t feel bad about doing that.
  • It’s okay to treat yourself out and pamper yourself because it’s at least one step to loving and respecting yourself.
  • It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. Selfishness isn’t always entirely as bad or terrible as people make it out to be. Selfishness is a necessity in order to survive life. It is one to help mold you to become the person you want and need to be, rather than someone who isn’t. Selfishness can be healthy if you allow it to be. Be selfish sometimes.
  • It’s okay to dwell in the past and negativity, for as long as you know that you cannot keep dwelling and learn to let go. It is okay for as long as you know that you have to appreciate the present and plan for your future because the past is the only thing capable of holding you back and only has power because you let it.
  • It’s okay to be unsure of your future. It is because eventually, we all have it figured out about what we want to do or not do. Explore your options, opportunities, and take risks. Learn from your experience. It is okay to be lost because even if we all have it figured out, there will be more to come and that’s what makes life so fascinating. You’ll learn through trials and errors.
  • It’s okay to show feelings and emotions. It does not make you weak, but rather strong or even stronger. It is not a sign of weakness. Crying is not a weakness, but rather a sign that you’ve been strong for far too long and you need to release it in order to get better.
  • It’s okay to have days where you do not want to talk to anyone at all. You are not obligated to fulfill people’s needs and wants. They need to learn not to take things so personally, and so do you.

It is okay. It is. You are doing alright because you are human. Nothing less. Nothing more.


I keep myself awake far too late at night.
In some twisted way it is an attempt to postpone the coming of tomorrow.
(spoiler: it never works)
Late nights are timeless, limbo-like places, but early mornings are full of dread (or perhaps potential); of to-do lists that remain endlessly incomplete.
In the state of ‘the night before’ you can promise yourself - poorly convince yourself - of all that you will accomplish the next day.
But soon it is the next day, the next day is the now, and it comes time to do all the things that need doing.
It is much less threatening to lay awake at night and while away the hours with an unproductive nothingness.
Less threatening, but also less brave.
It is something close to ironic that what leaves me the least courageous is the thought of fully participating in my day to day life.
This 2 am wakefulness is a false pretense under which I hide from my morning realities.

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okay I need major vagina help. When you masturbate, you rub your clit right? When I first found out about masturbating was through fic (ik it's dumb but I mean what am I gonna do) and in it it talked rubbing, blah blah blah, and then fingering yourself. So I tried fingering myself but, I couldn't find my 'hole' or opening or whatever. Till this day I don't know where it is, like idek my own vagina. If I can't find it how will a guy find it if I ever want to have sex omg

oh my god……..

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Your blog is shitty and the reason most people like your selfies isn't because of your ugly smile it's because of your boobs get over yourself you retarded idiot you are ruining chances of feminists with your idiotic and ridiculous statements. It's no wonder your parents don't love you, you're a worthless oxygen thief

Great and cool thank you

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I hate you so much. You're so full of yourself. I thought the magic fandom couldn't get any worse and then you showed up. AHH YEAH #TEAMGRAZZLE CIRCLEJERK YEAH BOW DOWN TO GRAZZLE YEAH SUCK HIS DICK OOOOO!!! I don't get how people can like you.

#Team Grazzlebrand