why tf does it have to be a cryfest about cars around here
“im not a stance guy i like going fast”
no ones gives a shit about your passive agressive comments about disliking lowered/fitted cars. your ego is bigger then the pile of shit that comes out of your mouth every time you speak

i am MAD and ANNOYED with car people around here. they are draining, not fun, and everything has to be a god damned competition.

none of the competition is passion based either. its all about having the most hp, the most IG likes or being the center of attention at the meets/gtg’s/shows. and thats not just directed at the horsepower boys. the bagged/stanced guys around here are even worse.

then we have the guys that look down on anyone without full aero / huge multipiece wheels / expensive parts. stop that. everyone starts somewhere and everything takes time.

an actually cool/passionate person could pretty much drive anything, and as long as they put their heart and soul into it, it will be cool. “heart and soul” could mean leaving it stock, making it have 600hp, drifting it into a wall, or anything in between. and that goes for all breeds of car enthusiasts and all brands/styles of cars.


years later and these white science bloggers and white scientists with tumblr blogs still trying to legitimize the ‘color blind’ ideology they hold on to like a bed time comfort blanket. how you so vested in the future and technology and at the same time be so dense about racial diversity and the problems you enforce when you say shit like “FORGET THE RACES THEY MAKE ME UNCOMFORTABLE OF BEING WHITE THEREFORE THEY DONT EXIST”. No matter how many times you reblog a beloved scientist or the new accredited big head know it all sayin “it’s a social construct! moving forward means forgetting our racial diversity!!”. Like no you faux ass scientist you don’t get to throw racial experiences under the rug because it doesn’t fit with your idea of social constructs.

Never in their lives once reblog/post/promote anything about Black people or representation of non-white people in science but once your favorite big head white says something that contradicts the lived experiences of the people yall so frequently ignore in your content, THEN, OH THEN ya’ll wanna talk about races and racial constructs. That’s when you notice race? when it’s talking about ignoring race? delete these white scientists please. they’re really giving science and inquisition a bad name.


Freesia Bastille for boosiim!

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Don’t claim her as your own or re-upload her anywhere. I prefer you don’t change her facial features, but you may tweak her to fit your game more! I’d love to be tagged when you use her c:


“But you’ll have to learn how to act normal or you’ll have trouble with inclusion…” Hmm, maybe I do not want to be included if it depends on me repressing myself in an attempt to fit into your perception of what’s normal and acceptable. Maybe I’d rather stay the fuck away from you.


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skramz is for SJWs


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Don’t claim him as your own or re-upload him anywhere. I prefer you don’t change his facial features, but you may tweak him to fit your game more! I’d love to be tagged when you use him c:


I’m all for character development, but please never change your character to fit in, get another rpers attention or just because you’re being forced by someone else. People should RESPECT your character and you as a writer. Never let anyone change your character, it’s your property and it’s the one thing you have full control over.your character is a piece of work…a painter wouldn’t paint over a finished piece.

Same job, same phone cover, same work uniform, different ME.

I’m thinner than I was in the after photo, but I still wanted to post this. Found these photos on my phone and thought how crazy it is how much has changed between these two photos. Thankful to still be working at my incredible job & blessed to be a changed person. Never give up on yourself. ♡

HA! Nope.
hairythotter replied to your photo “Happy #FlexTuesday! Maybe it will be warm today. #me #shameless…”

What’s your fitness routine like? Have you always been fit?

I’m gonna answer the fitness routine first, cause it’s pretty simple: I do strength training 4x a week, yoga 5-6x a week, and a paralettes training program from GMB, 3x a week (the paralettes are more for fun though). I also count macros. I could go into more depth, but I’d rather talk about the second question.

Have I always been fit? NOPE.

That’s me in 2008.

2009, 2011, 2013

I have only been “fit” for about 2 years.

It’s work. For me it’s getting to the gym and counting macros. I’m not blessed with a fast metabolism. I like to say I’m genetically built to carry loads over long distances. I talked about eating and fitness here.

It is Work. It is Time. It is Self-Compassion.

There are many paths. Find one that works for you.

anonymous asked:

my gender seems to constantly change, and whenever i get a label that seems to fit it only fits for a while and then slips away and i have to start all over, and i feel like labels are something that really help me explain myself and kinda reassure me of my identity in a sense. your last post about the genders for the anxiety anon kind of helped me get some possibilities, but id like to know if there are any others and if theyre for specific mental illnesses or anything? sorry to bother!

hey!!! i have a ton of genders for u omg !! (this is my favourite thing ever to do i love getting to make these posts) (there might be some repeats in here from the last one)

  • verangender: a gender that seems to shift/change the moment it’s identified; i.e., you see a new gender label that seems to fit you, so you adopt the label, but soon after that it is uncomfortable and no longer fits your gender experience no matter how well it might have fit before; you might have a very stable, constant gender experience up until it’s identified; note: verangender can be used by itself or while continuing to label the genders you experience.
  • snakegender: when your gender slips away every time you try to reach for it to figure it out, and it’s always changing and it’s really scary to confront so you just try to avoid it 
  • squidgender: a gender thats definitely there, but when you take time to examine it and work out what it is, it becomes obscure and sometimes disappears for a while
  • atmosgender: Latin - related to “vapor”, “steam”. Having a gender which is present, but unable to be grasped or firmly defined
  • conflictgender: a gender that involves the conflict between two or more genders that you can’t place a name to as the genders fluctuate constantly and you may not always feel a certain gender on some days but it’s definitely there.
  • ectogender: a gender that seems elusive, constantly out of your grasp, and impossible to pin down
  • impesgender: a gender that flips quickly and impulsively, often too quickly to be traced

mental illness/nd specific ones:

  • genderfog: a gender that is undefinable due to brainfog or exhaustion; note: for use by neurodivergent/mentally ill/chronically ill people only please
  • gendervague: your gender is not definable with words because of one’s status as neurodivergent.; note: this gender is neurodivergent-exclusive.
  • maestusgender: In which the individual’s brain chemical imbalance obscures, masks, or otherwise distorts their self perception and stunts their ability to determine gender identity; note: this gender is only to be used by neurodivergents.
  • ludogender: for neurodivergent people who tend to mirror other people because they’re brainweird. when your core gender stays the same but sometimes you “try on” different genders because you are mirroring someone; note: for neurodivergent people only
  • vaguegender: a gender being mostly or around a certain gender (or mostly around a certain gender), but is only approximate on account of difficulty defining it due to one’s neurodivergence

hope this helps!!


I’m honestly so fed up with people right now. You treat ALL people with dignity and respect no matter who they are. You treat them like a HUMAN BEING. You do not degrade people for who they are no matter their gender, race, sexual preference, religion, way of life, the things they do (unless it is significantly hurting someone or a group of people, but even that has a way to be handled properly) or ANYTHING. No matter what your opinion is of that person you keep your MOUTH SHUT. Everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect. You do not have to like everyone and everyone is not going to like you but for god sakes lets treat people like people and not like low down scum. They only thing that is scum, is when people degrade others for who they are. Hey you know that girl over there that you called a slut? Well she could be a full time college student with a child who has no time for a day time job who has to support her family. You know those people who you told authorities about for stealing a coat at Wal*Mart? Well that person could have lost their job a while back and they’re struggling to make ends meet. They might not have the extra $20 to buy that coat they really need or that even their child may need. You know that little girl who was acting sassy towards you the other day? She has a hard time meeting up to everyone’s standards because she is abused at home, doesn’t make good grades, and gets made fun of because the things she does and says. YOU KNOW ALL THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE EVER JUDGED BECAUSE US AS HUMANS TOGETHER ARE SELFISH RATHER THAN SELFLESS? Well those people live and work in the same world you do and they’re just having a really hard time. Not to mention racism, homophobia, transphobia, ect. All of the people who you label with a race or you dislike because they’re LGBTQ, or you don’t like women, THEY ARE JUST AS MUCH OF A HUMAN BEING AS EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS WORLD. WE’RE JUST PEOPLE. THERE SHOULD BE NO LABELING. I like the way Harper Lee put it in “To Kill A Mockingbird” you have to climb into someone else’s skin before you make assumptions because you don’t know what they’re going through or what its like to be that person. People with mental disorders and health problems are shamed a lot of the time, called ‘lazy’ or 'fat’ or 'unwilling’. Honestly until you can become someone else and live their life with their mind and body and past and future, until you’re put in the EXACT position as someone else, THERE SHOULD BE NO LABELING. We DO NOT need the consent of people, who are going the label everyone based on who they are, to make a change, we just have to do and be done. There is no 'try’ there is only DO. There is only CHANGE. You don’t put your life on the line for nothing and if it doesn’t come to pass what do you do YOU KEEP FIGHTING. You never stop fighting. Never ever ever give up. Giving up isn’t an option. Why do we have to have a world where fitting in is what is expected and if you fall short of the expectation then you’re the outcast, WHY MUST IT BE THIS WAY??? PEOPLE TRY TO HARD JUST TO FIT IN WHEN REALLY ALL WE NEED IS TO HELP BOOST THE SELF ESTEEM OF THOSE WHO FEEL THEY DON’T FIT IN. NO ONE NEEDS TO “FIT IN”. FITTING IN MEANS THERE ARE BOUNDARIES AND YOU HAVE TO “FIT WITH IN’ THE LINES. WHO WANTS THAT???? WHAT THE HECK. THESE PEOPLE TRYING TO FIT IN ARE CRAZY. WHY SHOULD THERE BE BOUNDARIES WHEN YOU COULD HAVE THE FREEDOM TO BE YOU AND DO ALL THE THINGS YOU LOVE WITH OUT ANY SHAME OR REGRET??? Thats what its all about people!!!!!!!!!