Wednesday 5th February 2014: I had literally just stepped out my front door at 8am this morning when I was met with the most beautiful scene of the dawn light bringing the trees around me alive with a golden luminescent glow… I was thankful for such loveliness and joyfully continued my day! :-)

anonymous said:

was is this flower? media(.)lehighvalleylive(.)com(/)yourphotos(/)photo(/)9518419-standard(.)jpg

Ah no, it’s not that one. Tho that’s a really nice looking flower. Would you know the name for this? o:

I found the flower I was looking for, it was one of the Delphiniums ahaha. Now I feel dumb. :,D

Your photos - September 24

Top left: Camila Perry photographed this dragonfly sitting on a lily pad at Blackmans Lake in Snohomish.

Bottom left: S. Purcell Woodard, of Mountlake Terrace, took this picture at the Birch Bay State Park campgrounds on July 25.

Right: Blaine Amidon, of Edmonds, took this picture near the Paradise Inn at Mount Rainier on August 10, 2014.

You can find these photos in the Time Out section of The Daily Herald. See more great photos or share your own at

Wow a week has gone by already!

Welcome to number 2 of my Happy Friday Travel Beers posts!

Your travel beer photos are featured here…

Happy Friday!

Here are this weeks beer photos including two beautiful ladies in Munich!


Beetroot Betty with her beer in Munich Instagram: /beetrootbetty

Courtney with her beer in Munich Instagram: /travelzealot

James and Sarah from two brits abroad with their Colombian beer  Twitter: /TwoBritsAbroad

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Happy Friday Travel Beers - No 2 #happyfriday #beers #travel #yourphotos #beerporn #beerlovers Wow a week has gone by already! Welcome to number 2 of my Happy Friday Travel Beers posts!

sureiscoolhere said:

Oh you were close to me at Vic Mensa? That's so awesome that you found my photos haha. The set was amazing, I caught a tshirt and everything :D

yeah i think i was :D yourphotos are brillaint!