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Now I’ve got a question for you. Should we reblog straight from the blogs, or create new posts with the confessions, and leave click-through links to their source, since I honestly don’t want to swarm these blogs with our butthurt notes. You tell me which will work best. -Pollux

Obligatory question mark?

Welcome to yourhsconfessionisstupid

Here is the place for all those confessions and peeves that just shouldn’t have made the cut. All of the obtuse, fun policing nonsense that just fills you with rage can find it’s way onto this blog, where your friendly neighborhood mods can gently pick it’s rotting carcass clean to find some semblance of intelligence. 

Come with us on our adventure through the fire swamp of bad opinions.

-Pollux & Castor

yourhsconfessionisstupid asked:

No, Batman, you have to stop. I can only love you so much, man. Static Shock is the most boss superhero ever. I'm trying to get into the comics as well, but I grew up on the cartoon. But seriously, a guy can only love you so much.

Static will forever be my favorite Millstone superhero

He’s just the best

The comics are great, the show is great, everything about it is great

-The Batman