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Dick jokes ahah.

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Dave - DagwoodDeluxe.

so tonight was the badfic panel and at first i was all “man, last year a dude dressed as the stig literally somersaulted out of the crowd to read a shitty harry potter crossover for us, how are we ever gonna beat that”

but then we announced that the next reading was from same love lockdown, and somebody in the audience confessed that the epic tale of macklemore and kanye’s romance was their doing

i had the boyfriend read chapter seven. after he read out “don’t get butthurt if you get memed on!” the entire room gave a standing ovation. 

my favorite con moments are those ones that, when i look back on them (as a writer and lover of obnoxious, bizarre, overly coincidental campy bullshit), and think “i would not have scripted that any other way.”

thank you, yourheadcanon. you have truly given us a gift that keeps on giving.

senjuokaasan said:

♥- I can’t live without you. ╰☆╮- I just want to hug you. ☻-Mama will always love her children because they are the light of her live {And mun loves how you potray Tobs,I really enjoy yourheadcanons *fangirling*}


Little Tobi runs toward his mother, barreling into her middle. He hugs her by the waist, already nuzzling into her obi, and there he breathes her distinct scent, which reminds him of home and safety.

"I love you, Mother," he mumbles.