The first 5 seconds are priceless…. “What a man, what a man, what a man, What a mighty good man!” (by Salt and Pepa)

Michael Fassbender: One week left to submit to Your Film Festival (by yourfilmfestival)


Youtube and director Ridley Scott have teamed up to create an online film competition called YourFilmFestival. From the 15,000 competitors, 10 finalists have been selected to present their shorts films, recently, at the Venice Film Festival.

The final winner was the Spanish director David Victori. His short film, “The guilt”, is about a man who decides to avenge his wife’s murder. This short film’s great quality captivates us by it’s wonderful choice of music, photography, suspense and symbolisms, like the endless 5th Floor signs. David Victori also directed another short film called “Reaction” which is worth seeing. It tells the story of a man who witnesses an episode of domestic violence and, when trying to help the abused woman, things start getting complicated on his own side.


10 Great Storytellers are going to the Venice Film Festival.

From thousands of entries, 10 finalists have been chosen by the YouTube community. One will win $500,000 to produce more content for their YouTube channel, with help from Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender and a world class crew.

There are some great short films in this mix.


“North Atlantic” by Bernardo Nascimento. Launched online as one of YouTube’s yourfilmfestival. 50 semi-finalists (amongst 15 000 entries).


North Atlantic 

An isolated air traffic controller in the Azores connects with a lone pilot cut helplessly adrift over the North Atlantic.

North Atlantic launched online as one of YouTube’s yourfilmfestival 50 semi-finalists (amongst 15 000 entries). The 10 most voted will then be screened at the Venice Film Festival, where a winner will be picked and given the opportunity to shoot a feature produced by Ridley Scott.

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Turkish Coffee

In a town dominated by war, terror and fear reign. Life and death meet at each corner. Djulio, a soldier, is bored at his post. He is startled by Kya who walks hastily with a package in her hands. He decides to follow her to where she lives. There a dialogue begins and they uncover their pure human side which has been lost in their hatred and daily war


Also in this group of 10 finalists, we can see another short film, “North Atlantic”, from the young Portuguese director Bernardo Nascimento. This one is about an air traffic controller in Azores island, who receives an SOS from a pilot who wanders the North Atlantic. The air controller is soon informed that it will be improbable to provide aid to the pilot, so the only thing he can do is give company to the pilot, keeping him calm on what,  might be, his last minutes of life.

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