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I don't really know what my next step is supposed to be*

I have so many options right now. Should I be studying abroad or doing missions? Am I supposed to stay at Regent? Should I be at WVU or NYU? I’ve applied to so many places and while I assumed I would be accepted to the school I was supposed to attend, to my surprise, I was accepted into both NYU and WVU to study Religious Studies. As much as I love Regent, I truly believe I am not supposed to be here now. I have prayed and prayed and prayed, unceasing. What I feel God is saying to me so strongly is to just go. 

If someone asked me right now what I would want to do, my answer would be to travel around the U.S. and other countries, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person I meet. 

So, I ask you, fellow Christians, please pray for me. I need serious guidance right now and would appreciate it if you could bathe me in prayer.

I love you guys!

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so i’ve been tagged in about three of these and i think they’re very sweet and a good way to share your favourite blogs, so, i’ve decided to do one!

lets forget about alphabetical order cos im lazy

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i bet i’ve ended up missing off people, so if i reblog from you often  and you’re not mentioned- it’s my mistake and i value u very much <3

thanks to all u guys, u make my itf blogging experience the best!!!! i will never unfollow u even if u said u shipped steve and gary thats how cool i think u guys are xxxx