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Weapon Adept (Monk Archetype)

Your ordinary, everyday monk trains with both their body and with various specialized and cultural weapons, turning them into fast-moving, deadly weapons. However, some instead turn to their weapons for more than just a different way of striking or cheaper magical enchantments. Some see weaponry as an expression of utility, perfection, and precision.
These so-called weapon adepts mix the storm of strikes normally associated with monks with single, uncannily precise blows, making them just as deadly on the move and otherwise occupied as when standing still.
These monks seem to parallel more martial classes in their devotion to their craft in controlling and directing their weapons, making for deadly combatants.

As mentioned previously, these monks are quite precise when dealing single blows, drawing upon a reservoir of focus to strike true and deep, but only with a few types of weapons favored by monks. As they grow in skill the accuracy of this focus grows greater.
Over time, their mastery of their favored weapons grows, making them even more deadly with those weapons.
Most monks are quick to dodge and evade, but these learn later than others, their focus being on their weaponry.
Their uncanny reactions and precision makes them seem almost preternaturally aware of the flow of events in combat, allowing them to pick and choose when they start to act.
Rather than reach to perfect themselves into a quasi-spiritual form, these monks seek instead to exemplify the physiology and wisdom of their rhetoric as closely as possible, growing stronger, more agile, and more cunning. Some may view this as a step down on the path to enlightenment, but for them, it is the path that suits them best.
Want a monk that prefers armed combat and is effective even while making single attacks? This archetype may be for you. You also get plenty of bonuses for your preferred weapons, and pure stat increases over the normal outsider resistances and immunities, so there’s that. Pick a few of your favorite applicable monk weapons and spend your gold improving them, and definitely take vital strike so your single strikes are more viable.

Exploring the history of the weapon or weapons of your weapon adept’s choice can be interesting. Why did they choose them above others? In that regard this reminds me of various kung fu action movies in which a hero or villain wields a unique signature weapon, making for memorable encounters

Legend has it that one of the pillars of heaven was torn from the skies and reforged into a weapon, a quarterstaff of incredible power. It always seems to fall into the hands of a monk adept in manipulating ki, and in their hands, it can teach them to perfect deadly blows and unlock its true power. However, that kind of power almost always manifests when an equally great evil rears its head.

Razor-of-the-Mantis is a deadly, if visually unimpressive foe. The grippli monk wields twin kama in battle, one enchanted with frost, the other dealing grievous wounds at the expense of the wielder’s life force. Where the cruel, domineering monk got them from is anyone’s guess, and the ascetic-turned-enforcer enjoys encouraging rumors while he kills for the highest bidder.

Sai are meant to be defensive weapons, catching and disarming foes. That doesn’t meant they don’t sting, nor does it mean they cannot puncture flesh if given enough force. To that effect, a certain school of thought turns the sai into the weapon of an aggressor, leaving foes with grievous puncture wounds. At the very least, this means they have a very distinctive calling card.


Although in ordinary contexts, your language behaves normally, in high-energy contexts such as great speed or high temperature, it starts splitting apart into both its normal self and its supersymmetric (SUSY) partner. Description of the SUSY counterpart of the language is exactly the same as its ordinary counterpart, but with s- tagged onto everything, so in the SUSY component, there are snouns and sverbs sinflect and sdecline according to to sparadigms (which may or may not be the same as the ordinary paradigms), and can be modified by sadverbs and sadjectives. Many swords in the scomponent also are obtained from their ordinary counterparts simply by sadding an s-.

In formal components, the energy threshold required to activate the scomponent is extremely high, but of course in more relaxed speech this threshold can be reduced. Overuse of the SUSY component is derided by experts, naturally, as slanguage.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica / Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Year: 2011
Number of episodes: 12 + 3 movies
Producer: Shaft
Author: Gen Urobuchi  
Languages: Japanese and English
Genres: drama, magic, psychological, thriller
Rating: MA 15+
Plot: Madoka Kaname is your regular 14 year old girl with a loving family and good friends, but one day comes across a creature named Kyuubey. Kyuubey offers to make Madoka and her friends magical girls, he will grant any wish they desire in return they are to fight against witches who feed on humans. But there is a catch to become a magical girl you need your soul extracted from your body. Review Undercut.

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The cover of night can be a blessing, especially when working in an area that most people avoid ordinarily anyway. This way, War and her group of hired thugs are virtually invisible. There are a few dozen of your ordinary run-of-the mill grunts, and then five or six more skilled agents, including Ragnarok. War watches carefully as the explosives are put into place. If her luck pans out, there should be very little trouble. All the same…

She turns to the agents, furrowing her brow.

“Stay on alert. We never know what’ll happen.”

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|| The Basics ||

Name: Mary Martha Grayson
Nickname(s): Mare (I hate you Deej), Peanut
Age: “29. Or something like that. Shut up I am so 29. 32
Species: Human

|| Personal ||

Religious Belief: Non-religious
Sins: Lust / Greed / Gluttony / Sloth / Pride / Envy / Wrath
Virtues: Chastity / Charity / Diligence / Humility /Kindness / Patience / Justice
Primary Goals In Life: “Raising a happy, healthy child to adulthood. Hopefully finding someone to round out my golden years with. And dancing on Alex Bellamy’s grave ranks up there, too.
Languages Known: English, a little French, conversational German, Romany swear words, and a lot of programming languages
Secrets: “Secrets? What secrets? I’m just your average, ordinary single parent who lives in a clock.” I’m Oracle.
Quirks: Fidgets by practicing stretching in random places. Incredibly flexible for a woman her age. If you go after her family, however, Hellfire will rain down upon you in biblical proportions.
Savvies: Mary’s generally quite self contained. Independent to a fault, in part, because of necessity. She has a natural gift for programming and cares for those people around her. She’s a pretty good cook and an excellent gymnast/acrobat who had the potential to go pro, though she chose the sort of life she had wanted growing up, more or less.

|| Physical ||

Height: 5′3″
Weight: 117 lbs.
Scars/Birthmarks: No scars visible. There’s a mole on the small of her back she has been talking about having removed for years.
Abilities/Powers: Attractive female in peak physical condition with considerable skill and training in hand to hand combat.

|| Favorites ||

Favorite Drink: Rose tea
Favorite Pizza Topping: Cheese
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Music Genre: Pop/Rock and Classical
Favorite Book Genre: Mary doesn’t have much time to read. Full time single mother, gym manager/trainer and vigilante leaves little time. When she did read, she liked romance novels set in historical contexts.
Favorite Movie Genre: Weepy films. If there’s a box of facial tissue to be emptied at the end, she’s a happy camper. Just so long as it’s not a romantic tragedy where one partner dies. She’s not ready for that yet.

Favorite Season: Spring. Particularly when the cherry trees in the park are in bloom, or the crabapple tree in the backyard of her old house.
Favorite Butt Type: Toned and muscular.
Favorite Swear Word: Damn. When she swears, which isn’t terribly often. It was also the only swear her mother couldn’t really call her on as a kid, seeing how often she used it.
Favorite Scent: The scent of a man fresh from work or a workout.
Favorite Quote: The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me. - Ayn Rand (Not a direct quote, but the quote is derived from The Fountainhead)

|| Fun Stuff ||

Bottom or Top: Top. Unless she REALLY trusts you. So far nobody’s asked her to do anything else.
Sings In The Shower: No way.
Likes Bad Puns: When they come from Dad, they’re sweet. Anyone else? They’re lame.
Morality: Lawful / Neutral / Chaotic / Good / Gray / Evil
Build: Slender / Scrawny / Bony / Fit / Athletic / Herculean / Babyfat / Pudgy / Obese /Other
Favorite Food: Homemade black forest cake
Theme Music : Ennio Morricone “Gabriel’s Oboe

Their Opinion On The Mun: “She’s kind of screwy. Doesn’t give me enough attention.”

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Broke Girl Beauty: DIY Your Own Soap For About $1.50 A Bar

Broke Girl Beauty: DIY Your Own Soap For About $1.50 A Bar

Confession time: I love soap. Not just your ordinary Dial or Dove, but the fancy hand-made soap that you get from small boutique stores. Why? It’s got a charm to it, they smell so much better than that traditional stale soap smell (which reminds me of cheap motels) and you can ensure that there aren’t any nasty, harmful chemicals in them.

Now, one bar of soap from said boutique can cost, well, a…

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Holidays mixed in with fairytales makes this town the most fun I’ve ever had exploring! Enjoy a winter wonderland, Snow White, Witchs Cottage and Cinderella themed town all in one!

It’s not your ordinary town! Each room has secret surprises like a monster mash and Christmas workshop! Don’t eat the witch’s brew in her kitchen or you might end up like Snow White! And finally look out for the mice in Cinderella’s house! They’re watching you!


From ashes I was born
And my flame can burn your soul
So be careful, I’m not your ordinary pet
I can also rip you, by my claws
So think twice before you hurt me.
Don’t get confused by my vulnerable appearance
It’s a defense mechanism, once you are near to catch me
I spread my wings to fly, while you are drowning in fire.