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Dinner, drinks, a hard fucking then spooning? Ps. Will you post more pics of you bum it's so peachy! Also your face your so cute :)

sounds enjoyable aha. 
I dunno, maybe, maybe not? I’ve been so busy lately I’ve barely got to use tumblr at all! & aw thank you lovely! 

literally what is the appeal of butterfly kisses. you are rubbing your eyelashes on someone’s face. like as far as i can tell there’s literally nothing cute or enjoyable about it. you’re just sticking your face in someone else’s face and then blinking at them. what is wrong with people

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Mariku is dying. He asks you for a parting gift. Would you give yourself to him one last time? Would you let his hungry, unlit eyes gaze upon your naked body, his tired, willing tongue have another taste? would you let him see the enjoyment on your face ? would you properly ask him for (part 1 )

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I meant willingly, of course. I would never do something like that; quite frankly you scare me enough as it is. We can work with something else, though. Is there something you'd be more agreeable to? Eating a pea-sized portion of wasabi, pricking your finger, breaking a mirror, cracking an egg on your face? Surely it was an experience enjoyable enough to do something to have the power to do it again. And hey, looks like pony boy's home, too. What better an occasion to come to an agreement?

Sorry, I’m a bit protective of my locs. Wait, why would you be afraid of me? I’m of no harm to anyone without good reason.

Hm.. I’ve no particular want to really get human limbs.. But I suppose since it would make it easier to see Dirk.. I guess I can take a spoonful of wasabi? Breaking a mirror is bad luck and I don’t do egg facials till Sunday. I did indeed just crack a joke.