He bit his lip, trying to stifle a laugh at her expression as she swallowed another cherry and gripped her pen tight. 

"This is all your fault. You just had to go and alienate and kill all of those people…." 

"Sorry, sorry, love, Luckily, I have you here."

She sighed and tried to maintain her frown, lips twitching. “More cherries… please.”

He set a second glass of cherries down next to the first, grin softened to a smitten smile, and leaned over to taste sweet and tart flavor on the lips he’d fawned over for years—which he possibly did even more these days. A few light brushes, a hint of exploration, and a minute later they were distracted and calm…

Then, Caroline looked back down at the papers.

He couldn’t fight the burst of laughter this time.

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Captain, I'm going to teach you a very special dance in this realm. It's called the running man and it's really important to us. It will make Emma fall harder for you. Also your face is enjoyable to look at...

She’s already fallen for me, but sure. How do you do the running man?

alright i finished a chunk of story that is actually worth being considered a chapter holy fucking shit it’s time for me to get some sleep  8D

tomorrow: more of the same!!!!

+ more new FOB songs bc wow i haven’t listened to enough of them