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fic update: Let Your Heart Be Light (Olicity, rated M) chapter 15/15 COMPLETE!

Let Your Heart Be Light (60680 words) by callistawolf
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Thea Queen, Roy Harper, Tommy Merlyn, Moira Queen, Walter Steele, Laurel Lance, Sara Lance, Malcolm Merlyn
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Christmas, Romance, Friends to Lovers, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Romantic Fluff, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Eventual Smut
Summary: Here’s how things ended up with Oliver and Felicity.

Author’s Note: THANK YOU to everyone who has followed along with this story. Your excitement has been wonderful for me, as a writer. I love seeing your enthusiasm and while this story was written and finished over a month ago, it helped me motivate to get the chapters posted in a timely manner. The best thing ever have been the messages that tell me this story has enhanced their holiday spirit. You are all the best readers and I hope you have the BEST Christmas ever. This epilogue is my gift to you (I didn’t originally have one).

I guess now I have to think up another story to write! O.o

You can also read this chapter on Ao3 or FF


Five Weeks Later

Oliver sipped at his scotch and watched from the side of the room while some friends of Felicity’s from Applied Sciences talked to Tommy and Laurel.  His best friend had his arm around Laurel’s waist and they looked relaxed and natural together.  He smiled, happy for his friends.  His eyes searched the room until he found Felicity, deep in conversation with Walter, probably about work.  He smirked and took another drink. 

They were back at the cabin again, but this time the Christmas decorations were gone from sight.  In their place were red, pink and white flowers in vases and crepe paper hearts that Thea had insisted on hanging everywhere.  It was Valentine’s Day and the living room of the cabin was swathed in all things romance.  Even the music playing over the sound system was sappily sweet.  A year ago, Oliver would have rolled his eyes and refused to participate in this schmaltzy party.  This year, however, he had a vested interested.  That and this party was being thrown, in part, for him. And for Felicity. 

This was their engagement party. 

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So I was chatting with my bro, and we came up with more ideas.  I am organizing our incoherent shrieking and swearing into cohesive thoughts on the Mystery Skulls van, and an intriguing AU.  Sally forth my friends!

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following stan blogs at a time like this is very difficult because all they do is fight over who sold more albums and its like…. there are innocent black people dying and you fans are gonna spend hours talking about which multimillion dollar artist that isn’t paying ANY of your bills sold more copies??


we’re pretty close, actually • #selfiesecretsanta gift for runawayhomewithme

1. denial • 2. daydreamin' • 3. admit it • 4. something that I want • 5. not a bad thing • 6. crazy stupid love • 7. lucky strike • 8. second go • 9. give in to me • 10. lucky • 11. cruel • 12. up • 13. there is no one • 14. you and me • 15. I choose you 

Linh! funny how I actually became your Secet Santa, isn’t it? I do hope I was an actual SECRET santa to you and didn’t give myself away! I tried my best! lying included hahah. I felt like a double agent. hope you like this playlist! ♥


Jabari and Aetos wearing their “promise bracelets” I made up for this story. Jabari approached The Prince with the idea when they were young, seeing as his father and him traveled often, it would help them stay connected even when far away.

In their culture, you each tie the specially spun ribbon to one of your wrists, linking you together. Each person faces away from the other and pulls in that different direction. If your bond is strong and will last: The line will snap in half. If your relationship will end or fade: The line will not break.

The purpose of this is to celebrate reuniting. You retie the line when together and pull it apart when you leave, taking part of their line with you. Those with the strongest bonds will have bracelets made up mostly of knots, showing you always returned to them~ ( like the ones pictured. )

Santa has never gave me so many books but damn son im not complaining hahah
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Witnesses - A Shepherd’s Encounter preview

In A Shepherd’s Encounter, you will meet Phillip, a lonely shepherd who suddenly found himself surrounded by Heaven’s glory when angels came to announce the birth of Christ, and later came face to face with the Son of God Himself, as a Baby lying in a feeding trough.

Experience the awe-inspiring moment when the Heavenly Hosts declared “Glory to God in the highest!” and walk through that unimaginable night with a shepherd whose life was forever changed.

Now available on iTunes, Google Play, CD Baby, and through the official site.

Merry Christmas!

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