What Pittsburgh Penguin Would You Marry?

Aries -  Beau Bennett
Taurus -  Marc-Andre Fleury
Gemini - David Perron
Cancer - Paul Martin
Leo - Kris Letang
Virgo - Brandon Sutter
Libra - Patric Hornqvist
Scorpio - Olli Maatta
Sagittarius - Sidney Crosby
Capricorn - Evgeni Malkin
Aquarius -  Maxim Lapierre
Pisces -  Steve Downie

So today was one of those rare occasions where I felt incredibly attractive and actually looked decent when I went out for the day, and on top of that I got my two rings I ordered a month ago. They (almost) match the rings in that one dream I had a while back (which I’m still making illustrations for) and now my look is complete.

1D songs meme

 3 most favourite songs

  • Ready To Run
  • Happily
  • Fireproof/don’t forget where you belong

3 least favourite songs

  • Alive
  • Na Na Na
  • Save you

favourite album

  • midnight memories/ FOUR

least favourite album

  • Up all night

3 songs you get tired of hearing on tour/performances

  • What Makes You Beautiful
  • Little Things
  • Steal my girl

3 songs you never get tired of hearing on tour/performances

  • Don’t forget where you belong
  • Over again
  • Where do broken hearts go

3 songs you would like to be sang on tour

  • same mistakes
  • truly madly deeply
  • magic (still hope they will sing No control so—)

3 songs you would like to be singles (from different albums)

  • Ready to run
  • Happily
  • Moments 

favourite single choice

  • story of my life

least favourite single choice

  • midnight memories

3 songs you would like to have acoustic version

  • rock me
  • little white lies
  • no control

3 covers you would like to hear 1D sing in HQ

  • I’ll be there for you (friends theme)
  • Hey brother (avicii)
  • We are young (fun.)

3 christmas songs you would like to hear 1D sing

  • The First Noel / 12days of christmas
  • Joy to the world
  • What child is this

song that sruprised you the most

  • act my age

3 songs that you think fits the boys’ style the most

  • Ready to run
  • Happily
  • Girl almighty

song that piss you off and why

  • Just can’t let her go for not being on the album