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I rep my nigguhs ALWAYS.. #YoungRob #HoldItDown #3NOM #FOE

Have been all over Manhattan today!
Let me just say that taking the train to NYC was 10X better than flying or bussing. Getting on the train was so laid back that I was sure I was doing something wrong. I texted ElleBelle, just to be sure, and decided that things were probably fine, since no one had yelled at me yet. The minute we entered the Lincolnn Tunnel, I imagined Ravus and Val going about some business the next tunnel over, or Lewis running an errand.
I was met by Young Rob, who’s first advice to me was “Don’t talk to strangers.”

After a quick bite, we headed up to my temporary home so I could get situated, and headed over to Young Rob’s tiny flat. There we discussed tumblr tactics, tobacco, and closet extroverts. After smoking a pipe outside and trading smoking techniques, I got to meet Young Rob’s roomy, Matt (not to be confused with one-on-one Matt, or Twin Matt).

Young Rob, Matt and I all went to this yummy Fish and Chips place called A Salt and Battery (get it?) for dinner. Check it out! It’s s tiny place that serves items for all those who are homesick for UK food options. The shop next door sold candies and tea and cereal. yum!