I’m in many fandoms - The Avengers, Batman, Homestuck and of course Rotg and I enjoy seeing RP/ask blogs and read fanfics but what really bothers me are AU’s. Sometimes they are just too silly for me to get even interested in especially the ones where Bunnymund is a human or when Pitch and Jack have changed places but father-frost and youngnightmareking are rp&askblogs I can’t get enough of. The whole idea of them is fascinating and I really want Frost x Prince to be a thing

(Follow them here: www.father-frost.tumblr.com/ and www.youngnightmareking.tumblr.com/ )


Kaamos is a wonderful kid… sometimes. He does enjoy tricks and jokes even though he doesn’t talk much. He refuses to eat, he bites and cries a lot and behaves badly in other ways. Especially annoying Fearlings (nightmares/black-sand-wolf-thingies) puts a bright smile on his face.

Nevertheless he is my son and no matter what he is more or less perfect to me. I’ve lost three children already so this little white haired rascal really is a refreshing change for a while.

And I know Pitch also likes him… He has issues showing it, though…