#112: sweaters.

Mark: …are what he wears while in bed with you, still not used to the cold weather. “You’re still cold?” you ask, as he pulls himself closer to you. His shivering arms wrap around you as you tug the covers on top of you both. “Sh-sh-ut up,” he says, shivering. “I’ll warm ya up,” you say, and he just laughs. “You are sooo lame,” he says, and then kisses the side of your head. 

Jr: …are what he’s been trying to make you wear. “It’s cold outside, Y/N,” Jinyoung says, groaning, “Why are you so stubborn?!” A knit sweater is in his hands as he rubs his forehead, frustrated at you. “It’s not cold,” you insist again, but you sigh when seeing him so distressed. “Fine,” you give in, pulling the sweater over your head. “Much better,” he says, smiling so his dimples show. 

JB: …are what he goes shopping for. “S-so c-cold,” he says, rubbing his hands together as you both walk into a store. “How about this one?” he says, holding up a hoodie. “Better,” you say. “J, just choose one so we can go outside again,” you whine. You already bought yours, but JB was having the hardest time. “Okay, fine, I got it,” he says, laughing. He pays for it and heads back outside with his hand in yours. 

Jackson: …are what he wears all the time, anyway. Always black, and always a hoodie. “Wear one,” he whines, holding up his favourite to you. “We’re just getting meat,” he says, knowing that you usually liked to dress up to go out with him. You laugh, taking the sweater and pulling it over your head. “Awwwwww,” he says, coming toward you when he sees how big it is on you. “You’re so cute,” he laughs. 

BamBam: …are what he can’t wait to wear. “I am so ready for this,” BamBam says when he looks out the window to see rain and blowing wind. He whips out his favourite knit sweater he’s been saving to wear on an occasion like this. “Now you have to wear one, too, so we can match..sort of?” he says, digging into your side of the closet. 

Youngjae: …are what he hates to wear. “They’re soooo ugly,” he whines as you hand him one. “Youngjae,” you say, “It’s freaking COLD outside, love, just wear one, okay?” He sighs as he throws it over his head, pouting at you. “Awwww, don’t you pout at me,” you say, poking his cheeks to tease him. “He covers his mouth, trying not to laugh, but he can’t resist. “See? It’s not so bad,” you say, laughing along with him. 

Yugyeom: …are what he likes to see you in. “You look SO cute,” he says, running toward you when he sees you walk out in a giant puffy knit sweater. “It’s just a sweater,” you say. “But YOU LOOK SO CUTE,” he says, laughing, and then pokes your cheeks like you’re a little kid and ruffles your hair. “Awww, look at Y/N all cute and snugggggggllyy!” he teases. You push his hands out of the way, trying not to laugh. “I hate you,” you say, smiling. 

#113: hot chocolate dates.

Mark: They’re usually late so late at night that the café’s about to close down. “We’re closing up!” The owner says, yelling over at you two still sitting at your table. Mark wipes a tear from his face after you told the stupidest joke. “Okay, okay, we’re leaving!” he says, and throws on his jacket as you both head outside. “What a stick in the mud, hey?” he says, taking your hand into his and he takes another sip of the hot chocolate. You laugh, taking a sip from yours and looking up at the boy you loved. 

Jr: He forces you to have them with him. “Come onnnn,” he says, dragging you into the coffee shop. “I’m so sick of hot chocolate,” you whine, already having it three times this week. “Pleaaaaaase, babe,” he says as you’re both already inside. “Hot chocolate is PERFECT FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR!” you groan at his enthusiasm, but you can’t help but give into him. “Fineeee,” you say, and he smiles excitedly, ordering for the both of you. 

JB: He always orders the biggest size but can never finish them. “I’m so full,” he says, pushing the cup away from him. You giggle as you sip yours. “This is what happens when you think you’re all manly and stuff ordering the extra large,” you say, laughing. He scrunches his face at you. “HEY!” he yells jokingly, “I’m totally still manly and stuff…….” You both laugh as you get up to throw his away, but he stops you. “Wait!” he calls, “What if I want to finish it?” You groan, knowing he won’t, but he just doesn’t want to let you win (LOLomg). 

Jackson: He’s so sick of chocolate, but he goes with you because it’s you.  He sighs when you put the hot chocolate in front of him. “Sorry,” you say, giggling as he glares jokingly at you. He takes a gulp from it, not worrying that it’s hot, and then looks at you menacingly. “What…..” you say, scared of his expression. “This is… the best hot chocolate, actually,” his facial expression turns from annoyed to happy. “I was just messing with you,” he jokes. “You’re the worst,” you say laughing and he leans over to kiss your nose until he smiles. (YES UR NOSE CUZ THATS CUTE) 

BamBam: They’re always late at night, in the comfort of your bed, with a movie playing in the background that you weren’t really watching. “Okay, and then JB hyung was like — ” and you both burst into laughter, having to control yourselves before you spilled your mugs. “Careful, careful!” he says when you almost tip it over. “Seriously!” you say, laughing, “This is why you don’t tell me these stupid stories.” He laughs with you. “Okay, okay,  sorry, I’ll try and be more boring,” he says, smirking. 

Youngjae: He has to have marshmallows with his. “Did you put marshmallows in them?” he says from bed when he sees you walking in with the tray of two mugs. You laugh, sitting on the bed. “Uh, obviously, who do you think I am?” he smiles, taking it from you and sipping it satisfyingly. “You’re the best,” he says, and you smile, just nodding your head and sipping from yours. “No seriously,” he says, looking at you, “You are actually the best.” 

Yugyeom: He always looks forward to when you bring hot chocolate over to his apartment, usually bundled up in all your autumn gear (his favourite was your knit sweater). “Hi, Yugyeom,” you say, walking into his apartment. “Missed you,” he says, and curls his lips to get a kiss from you. You giggle as you pull away. “Missed me or the hot chocolate?” you ask, seeing him eyeing his drink in your hands. He smiles shyly, “Both.. but maybe the hot chocolate a little bit more,” he jokes. 

I wish more people had a friendship like Youngjae and Daehyun. It’s nice to see closeness, trust and fun like that. Today people are disposable and true friendships are meaningless. DaeJae give me hope that people can have close, true friendships again… And they do it without a computer or phone in front of their face 24/7! (anon)