this is me, this was me.

i will be like this again i swear it. it makes me so sad seeing this then seeing myself now. i will not let it beat me though. this is my goal and who i want to be again. i need this so bad. not for anyone but myself.

i will not stop until i am back to this. i want it more than i have wanted anything else in my life.

this blog has been one of the most rewarding things i’ve ever done, every day i am more and more proud of it and myself and when i look back at the first few posts on here i smile, and wish i could tell that guy that it gets better.

i’m not perfect. i get clammy hands, i snore but i wont be overweight. that i can directly control through my behaviours and lifestyle choices. i will be the best person i can be. i will continue to say everynight before i go to sleep that i am better than i was when i woke up that morning. im so so glad i’ve changed. i would hate to still be the guy i was a month and a half ago, he seriously was the most horrible version of me that there will ever be. i am sorry to everyone who had to deal with him.

i like where my head is, i’m excited to go out and work hard now for the first time in years, just because i know that every little thing helps me. i did this for me, and i continue to do it for me. i’m grateful that i get another chance to be great


How Bad Do You Want It? (Success)

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”

trained this morning, then chilled by the pool, saw a pretty girl then had a few drinks, good good day :)
also i tried some clothes on today, singlets and shorts that i used to wear when i was super fit, and i havent worn stuff like that in a long time
felt good wearing clothes like that again and being proud and happy looking at myself in the mirror and showing off my hard work haha :)

super happy how quickly my body’s changed already, seems to be going so quick hardly feels like i’ve been doing this for a month. look so much better than i used to. like the difference is huge already, very happy with that. not satisfied but glad its working. i never want to be that fat ever again, its horrible. god damn so psyched to lose more weight. 


saying goodbye to that number: 122.4kg
feels great that i will never be that heavy again
im no where near my goal, i’ve just started but i know that by just getting out of the blocks and losing weight that i now have this desire to keep losing more, this has finally become a reality and i cant wait to just enjoy the ride and hopefully the results will show on the scales too.

made it through this weekend without alcohol, i feel like while i have enjoyed drinking that i will have no problem giving it up for a long time, i do not need it and i feel like for me right now where i am it is a waste of my time my money and my energy as well as being a huge contributor to my unhealthy lifestyle. my mum has been buying a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables and helping to prepare more healthy meals, the last two night i have had chicken rice and salad and light noodles, i am so appreciative of her and my dad for helping me so far and i am really enjoying the taste aswell.

i feel like the hardest thing for me will be staying away from junk food and take aways, mainly when i am alone or when people around me are eating them, i have had terrible habits for quite a while but i do want to change and be a better person inside and out. i have only just started but i feel like i am doing a good thing and i do want to keep going as tough as it is right now. next plan for me is to find a new full time job for this summer at the least and i am thinking of re-enrolling in uni next year.

i just want to be the best Luc Williams, and hopefully i can show people through this that i have discipline and am hard working, two traits that i have great respect for yet recently have not shown myself.
i feel like people are behind me now and i am not alone and that makes want to keep going :)

got a job! got payed today woo! trained tonight, ran a crapload
legit tired after today, feelin good :)
gonna do my drills before bed then get up early, go to the beach and get a good run in, do my drills then chill at the beach! weathers should be good tomorrow so keen to go run again :) then lunch at claremont with hayds and blackie then chillllll allday.
then gonna go see ta-ku tomorrow night! fuck lifeizgewd.

this post is unrelated to weight loss, its just i kinda been thinking about it a little recently and i use this blog to just write what i’m thinking sometimes, sorry! more weight loss stuff coming this week!

when i was in primary school all i used to think about was girls. i never ever let anyone know or see it because at that age you are supposed to hate girls but it’s literally all i thought about. i could name a fair few girls that i had crushes on, not full names but definitely first names and i can still picture them to this day. every day i would go to school and do my work but all i would think about was girls and how i thought that they were the most amazing thing.

in primary school especially i was tall, goofy and a mommy’s boy. i was smart but i would sometimes get into trouble mainly because i was trying to impress girls by getting into fights stuff like that, but it never worked. i was always the nice boy, everyone liked me but that was it, it never went any further than that, and i know its so silly and funny to think about now but as a 6-7 year old kid its all i cared about ha if a certain girl liked me how i liked her.

the most vivid memory i have of primary school other than that one time i lost my beyblade in year 5 was in probably year 4 or 5 i had this crush on this girl, i think her name was Yasminka, i cant remember how to spell it. she was probably the prettiest girl in school and she used to do these dances at assembly, i remember she did one to Cruella Deville that year in front of the whole school and i sat in the front row with the biggest grin on my mug the whole time. i think just after that happened i went home one night and i made her this card in the shape of a Labrador, i dont know why, i dont think it was because she had one or liked them or even had a dog, i think it was just at the time i had just learnt how to draw them really good and i thought it looked cool, i dunno. anyway i made her this really detailed card in the shape of a dog and the next day i think i just left it on her desk and it said something like i really like you or something. the next thing i remember is me hiding in the boys toilets crying as she is telling me with her friends she doesnt like me that way and that she was sorry. thats probably my most vivid memory of primary school and i love it now i think its the funniest thing and every time i think about it it makes me happy haha

i used to get really bummed then because all these pretty girls were hanging around the boys who were the fastest runners and played footy, but i remember when i was 7-8 years old i used to tell myself that one day i would just get better looking, like the universe would just reward me for being polite and nice and just make me good looking when i was older. then i would be the one with the pretty girls talking to me. it was the dumbest thought ever i know but i was young and stupid.

if the young me saw the girls that are or have been in my life up until this point, i dont think that he would believe me ha. i just feel pretty blessed about who i have around me right now.


Top: Me on 3rd October 2012

Below: Me today (11th December 2012)

not sure how much i weigh, haven’t weighed myself in almost a month, but really happy with progress i’ve made, getting better and better every day. its tougher now i think to lose weight but i’m just doing what im doing now as a regular thing that i’ve just picked up as a habit and i love what i’m doing. 

sososososo happy i’m not that big any more, that was not and will never again be me. 

good luck tomorrow to my buddy max who is looking to get picked up by an afl club hopefully and make the big leagues. i dont think he reads this or even knows of its existence but hes backed me up completely with what ive been doing and helped me out, he’s a good dude and i really hope he gets in just for him, he worked hard this year.

hi, umm i havent posted in a fair few days for the few people that read this.
friday was my birthday so i had quite a big weekend, kinda went a bit crazy, drank a lot, ate some bad stuff i havent had in a long time because i was drunk or hungover, but i really had a great weekend and it felt so good having that stuff just for a little bit just as a break. 
didnt do any fitness from friday until today (tuesday) either, was mainly hangs by the pool and in the sun but trained tonight. i thought i was gonna be bad, maybe vomit but i kept pace with where i was before this weekend just gona and i was really glad about that :)
one of my best friends chad had his state champs for wrestling on aunday morning, i went instead of training because i had to show him some love, without him i would not look or be the way i am today. he took home gold in juniors and silver for his weight, i know how much work he put in and was there for some of it myself with him putting in work just helping me better, i am legit so proud of the dude, he helps me wanna get better and is my brother.
now he’s on a well deserved break so i just wanna keep doing what i’m doing just a little more independantly and let him relax.
back at it now, feeling good even after a bit of an unhealthy weekend just because i wanna work harder and lose it all. i’m happier each day with the dude i see in the mirror and the potential to not just look better but to be a better person is what drives me.