Age: 21
Hometown: Los Angeles
Ain’t No Shame: Playing a teenager who’s coming to terms with his sexuality while simultaneously dealing with his dysfunctional family is no easy task, but Cameron Monaghan was up for the job—and he’s garnered critical acclaim for his nuanced portrayal of Ian Gallagher on Showtime’s hit series Shameless. “I always look for a character with a bit of complexity that I can really sink my teeth into,” he says.
Jack of All Trades: Cameron shines opposite Morgan Saylor, a 2013 Young Hollywood alum, in the new coming-of-age-meets-ghost-story flick Jamie Marks Is Dead. Acting may be his day job, but Cameron (who also stars with fellow Young Hollywood portfolio player Bella Thorne in Amityville) plays the guitar, harmonica, and ukulele as well. He even had the chance to jam with costar Jeff Bridges on the set of The Giver. Cameron reveals, “At the end of the day we’d all go to Jeff’s room and play music.”

Smiling. The little douche is actually smiling. Never mind he blocked traffic so he could drag race down a residential street. Never mind he had been drinking (underage) using drugs and prescription pills and decided to drive. Never mind his license was expired and he resisted arrest. Never mind he’s being investigated for FELONY vandalism in another state. Never mind he’s not an American citizen and he can be deported. His fans will claim he made a mistake, but he didn’t. He made a conscious decision to drink and do drugs, get behind the wheel and put lives in danger. And he’s smiling. He could have killed someone and he’s smiling.