AU Review Interview Part I

Rewatching Fairy Tail: The Pheonix Priestess



Oh, I want to be loved. Oh, it’s SO CORNY, isn’t it?! But I just want to be loved by a bloke that loves ME! I want to feel special, you know. I almost feel guilty for feeling it. Every night I dream about it. Just someone special. I’d still be the same but I am fat and ugly and I don’t like pubs and parties where everyone gets pissed and throws up. I just long to be in bed with a bloke. It’s not like me but it’s how I feel! I want to do it. I want to be loved.
—  My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary, Rae Earl

amun13 asked:

I honestly don't remember his name but the rich guy who appeared out of nowhere and is chasing after In ha...what's the point of his character? I feel like it was so random. He came out of nowhere and up has just been there. Either that or I missed something...?

Seo Beom Jo, it’s quite a strange name actually.

In a way he is and he isn’t someone who just appeared out of nowhere. Inha have been texting him for the past 10 years, thinking the number was her mother’s, so in a way he knew her for the past 10 years, she have been telling him all her secrets and deepest feelings that she doesn’t necessarily share with anyone. He could have just kept his silence and continue listening her to vent through those texts but he wanted to give her some encouragement to audition for MSC, something she really needed at the time; and that ends up having her calling him worse than a thief and she didn’t talk to him since then.

I mean, his character might be the biggest mystery right now among the characters, they seem to highlight his obsession strangely close relationship with his mother; most grown men aren’t like that around their mothers you know… he is a chaebol of such a huge corporation that he has a department store named after him, yet one on in the general public, not even reporter knows who he is, nor does it seem like he has a father running that business, it’s quite a strange thing…. as to why he is so drawn to Inha as well… it’s strange.. almost creepy.. I expect that obsession to be more clear in the future episodes?

Beom Jo serves a the second lead who is doing his job, in helping the female lead while boiling the blood of the first lead. Like he said to Dalpo, “[Inha’s business] is not my business now, but it will become my business.” .. don’t underestimate him… haha I’m anticipating his character development.