The y3@r oF th3 SHOTA ASS IN DA HOUSE YA'LL 2013 ahem

Tumblr celebrating new year i’m happy for ya. I’ll let you finish, but dese homos here are da best of all year!! best of all centuries!! 
Dis fo my bromodachis ya’ll niqqas bitch asses are fine dayum holy shotas screamin yo name when youhz walks by aight lemme tell u pussys somedin here yo this story bout dese awesome big boy bishies 

kay deres me im shota boy. Open yo ears for mah platinum album: shota boy tell em. u go tattoo dat fine shota ass on YO ASS that imma be conquering all bloggin night long. Dese yukiballs were da one dat gave BIRTH TO ALL YUKIBALLFIGHTS AIGHT GET THAT IN YO NOGGIN SISTA puurrrr i aint tsundere on just anyone but dese hot messes mhmmyummyy.
Lemme give it ta ya dat SASSASSIN da fine sexay lil mama kay she spicy as bullocks she knowz whaz da best yukiflakes out dere like aint no mornin fuck as good as dis cereal yo you pervert b-baka! Thought i was talking bout dat mornin busine$$ yo nasty skanks aint got shit on dis kay she da ninja of all yukiangels and yukimen and yukiballs. She puts dat sass in assassin dun mess with her unless ya’ll like peeing blood. 
Next you gots dis hot wolf princess ok her hair oh balls bless dose curls all dem cats wanna get at dat she deep like so deep ya’ll need a shovel to uncover this spankin sparkly treasure i aint given you a map do princess mah wolf bro aight we spirit P@RtY animals stick togetha wolf pack muthafuckassssssss!!i He gonna make me some sexy choco yaoi pancakes fuckyiiss. We piss rhymes on da daily he gotz platinum with his Ode to Shota Ass that is one handsome rap.
If ya’ll like dem feisty rawrrr fine ass uke lemme not hook you up with mah sista dayum boy got all them hot bangin bishies fallen at her heel$$. Dun mess wid her cuz we stab ya’ll ugly ass faces with said heel$$. Warning: look at her i will make you shit your panties.  She da boss of Pink Panties hardcore gang yo. I’m co-bossin with her. We all pink panties. Kawaii? KAWAII MOTHAFUCKA U READ LITTLE BITCH GO FIND THE DICTIONARY aight this season is under dere kay. jfc some peeps need learn anglais how do any u dumbasses society right. She mah BL HOMO spirit p@RtY animal in da house here too did someone say gay porn
Ohhhhh kay ya’ll this gorgeous supermodel babe dun even get me started aye she a B3@$T she put da b2st in beast sing it w/ me ya’ll FUCKERS SING IT BEFORE I- ahem. scuse me its da new year ya know get a little hyped anyway. So damn this girl be put the yummy in daaayyyuuummmyyyy im tellin you unf you can only look you touch we all kill you too don’t even think you can escape i will viscerate- sorry anywhoos. Ayeeee this baby my twin and like ya kno when dey say if you had a twin man you’d fuck shit up ha ha das me and her we try stay away from twincest it hard tho yo did someone say panties
V’s and D’s all ya’ll gonna swoon dis ikemen hottie here gots dat catwalk rawwrrr he been on dat catwalk and ya’ll puppies ha always tryin to fight over this badassmothafucka kay he also in dat DICTIONARY FUCKER LOOK UNDER KAWAII ONCE MO. Sweet lil thang errone wants piece of dis but we laugh at yo face cuz yo basic and this boy like SSSSSizzle acid ayooo. Also his gf hot as hell man and me and hers got STEREK feels best aight back dat shit up she one fine ass errthang straight dope qurl.
Heavens dis BLingin baby ohyis she so hardcore she take needles to da skull intense man. we all lovin dat nghhh yaoi cakes at our crashin partAY WEDDINGGSSS ah this rare finnee asss speciman aighte she gots do lovin in boys love aka BLING BROTHA FUCKAS ahhh shit das right this girl SHE HOT LIKE SPICY MAYOOO HOT HOT HOT i love me some of daatt ohyeus she got them magic hands draw me like yo french girls pls she got dem beggin ha ya’ll want some of dis lol nope
AWWWW say it wiz me this lil cutie she also got all dis lovin for ya’ll pretties she like swwwweeetttttt broooo sweet as pancakes and ya’ll know that syrupy goodness fuck yeuhhhh. When we do dem cuddles misa here she warm like HOT HOT HOTTTTT and she got skittles aight yo try talkin on dat fb phone app with us nine crazy ass brofos and none compare to dis sexy goddess. Ay who gots a waifu like her? haa naahh bitch you aint got nuthin like dis yo pfffttt. 
You see dis face? Ya dis me laughing when youhz say you know stuff honey you dont know shit not like dis sexysonagun ha ha haaaa you wish you got spice like dis niqqurl like she but the S & M aka SEXY MOMENTS in smutt aight she pure breed dis spicy bitch got her eloquent tongue you wish you gotsa brain like hers laughin at yo dumbitch faces next to her HA HA HAAA HA HA p-pervert it’s not like we were really talking about dirty times… ahobakax2!!
Hehe meet dis cool icy hot bitch niqqass yo we go to da jailtime on da monthly because little fuckas at school yo they aint got no comprehendo on funny man we LOL ROFL LMFAO LOLOLOLLLOL so fierce dey takin us out for public indecency like fuckman?! but itz cool its cool cuz we gots out staight up intelligent novels in our jailcell and we have real good times talkin bout our bookly bros aight we intellectuals flodiledrosfflkwhatever we rappers heh, you aint got shit on us we laugh at you because you’re getting offended L.O.L.
Aight last but not l3@st yo dis buddy aye he’s got all de sweets yo lemme tell you hannsel and gretal wish dey got dis sugar aight gingerbread niqqa aint got shit on dis dude also he and me we school bros we gots da brains of dis operation we flyyy like shota booyyyy

Honestly ya’ll mean the whole BAG to me. I want to thank 2012 for giving the gift that is all of you this winter season. I love all of you to death, and even when we’re apart, our bromance is still running hot. Together we can be gay as fuck and give no shits - we’re bromodachis for life. This is how the real adventures start, and I’m excited to face 2013 head on as long as I’m with these buddies and my wolf pack. I cannot even began to fathom the change in my life you’re inspiring. You are all my stars that guide me to our home. How in the heavens I encountered these beautiful majestic creatures is beyond me and this galaxy. Cheers to 2012! Shout out to all you sexy fine shota asses! Happy New Years!!
-blasts confetti and glitter and balloons and birds and pancakes and cupcakes while bag pipes play-
See ya next year bromodachis! ;) Let it be said, that this will be a year to remember. Love you all~ 

Shota boy. Yukiiiiii out <3 

Make sure to play this while reading loves: 

FOASDFO Varetyr it’s all the Aokise you put up I can’t stop stalking you.

And Seiichan ;_: I’m pretty sure you were one of the first Kuroko no Basket tumblrs I was following. 

They’re are a lot of other blogs that I was expecting, guess I should do more reblogging.

Tumblr Crushes:

a-s-h-e replied to your posthuehuehuehuee two characters. And I been thinking about it. and this is none that you mentioned before - bemyezra lakjdklaslkaf EZRAAAA LOLOLL~ i’d do wendy. and then mhmm lambo.. //crys jsadsakldjlkasdj andddd i’d do pokemon with you and ill be the shounen hueeuheueheuee

omg Josh plz do Ezra CreY. I’ve always wanted to be Natsu but AHH DONT HAVE DA BODYYY ; w ;



yukiitty said:

huehuehuehuee two characters. And I been thinking about it. and this is none that you mentioned before - bemyezra lakjdklaslkaf EZRAAAA LOLOLL~ i'd do wendy. and then mhmm lambo.. //crys jsadsakldjlkasdj andddd i'd do pokemon with you and ill be the shounen hueeuheueheuee <3


COULD I BE ERZA? HER BOOBS ARE HUGE. I wanna do that one of her in the kimono though. 

CAN WE DO THIS? PLEASE? I don’t know if I can do lambo since I’m cutting my hair. GOMEN OTL 



I got to hangout with May and Yuki at the mall today. I missed them so much. It was so great to see them. I love them so much ; u ;

Yuu was lazy and tired and didn’t wanna go. that’s ok I’ll still stroke his face all night u___u

I won’t be able to hangout with the two of them at the same time for awhile because of stupid reasons but that’s ok. At least I can still see them ; u ;

They’re so beautiful. Holy shit. My best friends are so beautiful. <3

yukiitty said:

If you were mine I'd make it known that you, President Oswagica, are elected mother of our country because we love you and we all know who the best ma in the world is and if anyone says otherwise i will erase their measly, inferior existence and direct them to a very, very icy hot afterlife 。◕‿◕。

adhfhsdf my bb son is so eloquent *dokidoki* <3 <3