How You Meet

“There has to be a mistake,” Your mom says to the lady at the customer service desk at the airport. The middle-aged brunette frowned as she turned away from the computer. “I’m sorry ma’am, your flight seems to have been overbooked.”

“So, what does that mean?” Your mom asks, clearly getting angry.

You turn to your Dad, giving him a worried look. “It’s okay, we’ll figure it out.” He whispers.

“Well, I can get you all to London, but you would each have to go on different flights. However, the flights all leave within a few hours of each other and your tickets will be discounted due to the mess up. We will also put you all in first class.”

Your mom turns to look at you and your dad. “Will that be okay?”

“It doesn’t matter how we get there, it just matters that we get there.” Your dad replies.

“Okay, we’ll take it.” Your mom says, turning back towards the remorseful worker.

“Great. Here are your tickets, again I am terribly sorry about the inconvenience.”

You and your parents begin walking towards security, your mother ranting about how angry she is at the stupidity of the airlines. “Are you sure you’ll be okay flying alone?”

“Yes, Mom.” You say. You were a little apprehensive to be flying across the Atlantic by yourself, but you knew if you showed your nerves then the whole trip could potentially be postponed, and you couldn’t take another day of waiting for London.

After going through security, you had a few hours to spare before it was time to board your plane. The time drags on and on, but finally it is time for you to board.

An overly enthusiastic flight attendant leads you to the first class section in the plane. It was much more spread out than coach, with white leather seats and mini TV’s. There weren’t many people flying first class today, just several business men in Armani suits. You pick your seat by the window, pushing your bag underneath the seat in front of you and taking your hoodie off. A few people made their way into the first class section, the seat next to you remaining empty as you power your phone off. You fetch your iPod, shoving the ear buds in your ears, and lean to the side, closing your eyes. The music floods your ears, putting you into a state of serenity.

You feel a tap on your upper arm, as your body begins shifting towards sleep. Reluctantly you open your eyes, pulling the headphones out of your ears. A boy stood before you, one hand shoved into the pocket of his dark washed jeans, the other securing his brown leather bag on his shoulder. He bit his lip then stuttered. “Is anyone sitting here?”

You clear your throat, trying to find your voice, but nothing would come out so you shake your head. He smiles then puts his bag under the seat in front of him and sits down, his shoulder brushing against yours as he lowered himself down. You turn away from him and look out the window, taking a few deep breaths as the thought of taking off begins to nerve you.

“I’m Nathan,” He says a moment later, his charming accent making your head spin around. You turn and look at him, reaching for his extended hand and shaking it.

“Y/N” you reply with a smile.

“Nice to meet you.”

A flight attendant came over the intercom, interrupting the little exchange. “Thank you all for flying with us today. Currently it is partly cloudy in London, and is expected to rain around the time of our arrival.”

“Of course,” Nathan mumbles, more to himself.

The plane began to back away from the side of the airport, slowly doing its round on the runway.

“So are you going to London on holiday?” Nathan asks a few quiet minutes later.

“Yeah, a little family vacation.” You smile.

“Nice, where’s your family then?”

“Our flight got overbooked so we had to separate.”

“Seriously? That just happened to me as well. I had to leave a day later than the rest of my band mates. Those people really need to get their shit straight.”

“I know,” you reply.

“I guess we were destined to be on the same flight together.” He laughs.

You smile and think about that for a minute as the plane races down the runway and gradually emerges into the air, your head getting pushed back against the headrest due to the pressure.

“How long will you be in London?”

“6 days.” You smile.

“You’ll love it. Hopefully the weather will be decent, but it’s really incredible. You have to see the London Eye when you’re there. You get the best view of London from the top. Trust me, it will be worth every penny.”

“So I won’t be disappointed?”

“Not at all,”

The flight ended up going by quickly. You could have spent forever on that plane, all because you were next to Nathan. Time flew by as you two watched some Friends reruns on the little TV in front of you, played a few games of tick tack toe, took funny pictures with your MacBook webcam and talked about anything that came to mind. Sadness runs over you when the flight attendant confirmed that you would be descending and to power off all electronics.

“Welcome to London,” The pilot said over the intercom as you hit the runway.

Nathan moaned, stretching his arms forward, you felt uncomfortable thinking of how much of a turn on it was, so I just reach for your hoodie and pull it over your head then pick up your bag and place it on your lap. The seatbelt light comes off, and for a moment you struggle to unlatch it.

“You got it?” Nathan laughs.

You pull at it again, but it seemed to be stuck. Sighing, you move your arms out of the way, smiling as Nathan reaches over and unlatches the buckle with hardly any trouble.

“Thank you,” you blush.

“No prob,” He winked, then undid his own.

The people in front of you began filing out, Nathan on the isle seat gets up, steps back then lets you walk down the isle in front of him. Your legs feel like jelly from sitting for so long, and your back was in need of a good massage. Once you were out of the narrow space, Nathan was back at your side. You get inside Heathrow and see dozens of people sitting waiting to board the next plane. You looked around for your Dad, who had taken the flight just before you.

“It was nice meeting you, Y/N.” Nathan says with a smile.

“You too,” You grin.

“Enjoy London,” He smiles again then with a wave he walks towards baggage claim.

You sighed then opened your bag to find your phone. Inside, a British Airlines napkin catches your eye. You remove it and see writing scrawled across the back. Text me sometime, I’ll show you London xx –Nathan, it says. Signed with his digits below.