catsvogue asked:


0: Height: I am about 5’4”, so a bit shorter than average.
13: Biggest turn ons: Musical ability (singing or instruments) of any kind, nice hair (be it scruffy and short or long, it depends person to person- I just like hair), strong yet soft forearms and hands, and intelligence in a wide variety of subjects.
25: My idea of a perfect date: Maybe make some yummy unconventional sandwiches and hot cocoa, and watch doctor who until we get sleepy and then cuddle on the couch. Also, making out under the stars on a big soft blanket in the grass in some open field away from streetlights is always a very good thing.
30: What I hate the most about work/school: The monotony of it all, and the fact students are graded on their performance against others using a system tailored to fit only 30% of those being tested. The whole school system was designed for left brained people and those who lack artistic creativity. It makes me sad, because brilliant artists and musicians and actors are made to believe they can’t succeed in life because they can’t take standardized tests.
40: Who wish I could be: I wish I could be a part of Mumford and Sons, or a band I really love. That would be so freakin’ amazing I don’t think I’d know what to do with myself. But as far as who I would rather be as a person, I am quite content with myself and I would not want to change that part at all.


1. My desktop background

Mumford on a couch.

2. My favorite movie

Benny & Joon <3

3. My favorite band

After deliberation it is The White Hot Chili Stripes & Sons
4. My favorite song right now 

I’ll Change Your Mind - Kate Miller-Heidke
5. My OTP

Johnny and Winona and Marcus and Carey/Laura (don’t make me choose!)

6. Current show(s) I’m watching 

I’m not really watching any TV shows

. Favorite quote

I’ve suddenly forgotten everything I’ve ever heard lol

8. My ex and why he/she are an ex

Never had a current so in turn no exes!
9. Turn ons

Eyes, nice hair, humor, good taste in music and a caring personality, also being a person who likes dogs
10. Turn offs 

Arrogance, sleaziness, lying and exessive chest/leg hair.
11. A place you want to visit

Ireland. <3
12. Single or taken

13. My name, age, race

Molly, 18, Caucasian/Australian.
14. Picture of yourself 

15. Why I created my blog

Honestly cannot remember but I think its because it was a good place to feed my obsession with Mumford and look how it turned out!
16. A short ‘about me’

Molly. Weirdo. Appreciator of music. Dedicated fan of various bands.