I have never liked my body. Like, ever. I’ve always seen myself as “too curvy”. It’s just how I have been the past 10 years. My scars are even worse. They are a reminder to me that I was not strong at one point in time. But I look at all of them today, and I realize, that I’ve made it this far. I have done so much and been through a lot, and I have made it. I never wore shorts because I was ashamed of my legs. For their size, and for the scars. But you know what, fuck the world and everyone in it. I, and everyone else, is beautiful and always will be. Screw societal standards and go out in that 2 piece swimsuit you’ve been eyeing, go out in your capris or shorts you’ve had for forever and strut your shit. You are so beautiful and you have made it thus far. #shutupbella #legs #shorts #rant #selfharm #towriteloveonherarms #youallarewelcomehere #iloveyouall