At first Operation: Rhododendron Skookum was a no-go, first he dropped a deuce, then tried to eat the flower, twice, but we got there eventually! 🌸


Keeping the Tenth Doctor’s hair in top form  -  Part One of Two
(alternate title:  Fixing David Tennant’s hair on the set of Doctor Who)

…with heartfelt thanks to Stevie Smith for making sure the Tenth Doctor’s hair always looked so stunning!

Part two available [ here ]

DT Appreciation Week 2015: Favorite Feature

Things that are not okay:

  • Drawing a P.O.C as white
  • Drawing a fat character as skinny

Things that are okay: 

  • Cosplaying a P.O.C. even if you are white
  • Cosplaying a fat character even if you are skinny

you know what? you can wear a bindi, even if you aren’t brown. be my guest. but only when you accept the rest of my culture: when you accept the hair that covers my body where it doesn’t on yours, the gods of my religion that aren’t for you to take indie giving-yourself-cancer selfies in front of, the food of my country that you take and pretend is your own invention. this is for you, the kids who teased me about the hair on my upper lip and between my eyebrows. for you, the ones who can’t be arsed to learn how to pronounce my name, so instead make shitty puns about it like you are a genius. you can wear a bindi, okay? i live in england, i wear western clothes every day. you can wear it once you accept the rest of my culture. until then - fuck off.

Hey everyone!

So my sibling’s girlfriend, Portia, is trying to make a documentary (or a rock-umentary if you will) about a camp in Madison, WI called Girls Rock Camp.  This is a intense week long camp where girls, ages 8-18, learn how to play instruments, form a band, write a song, and then at the end of the week perform it for a huge audience!  This camp is so important because it teaches girls to become confident with themselves as a person, and it also teaches them to become confident with themselves as musicians.

But Portia and her crew need our help.  They started a kickstarter a little bit ago and now they have only NINE days left to raise about $8,000.  Suffice to say, Portia is really stressed and anxious right now.

It would mean the world to me if you would check out their kickstarter and maybe even donate.  Even the smallest donation can make a huge difference!  If you can’t donate, and please don’t feel pressured to do so, I would really appreciate it if you could reblog this to spread the word!

You can check out their kickstarter here.

Thanks and I love all of you! :)

Happy birthday, Peter!

Do you think Hotch told Strauss that Prentiss was alive, or did she just kinda awkwardly barge into Strauss’ office in It Takes a Village and Strauss was all *rolls eyes* “You know what? I’m not even fucking surprised anymore by you children with handguns jfc” 

Also shout-out to our players proving it wasn’t our injury problems which led to our poor performance on Wednesday. We had almost the exact squad – the same 11 players who have been running themselves to the ground and playing almost every minute of almost every match with little rest and no backup options in a grueling schedule for 4 weeks.

Our injuries aren’t standing in our way because our squad is quality on every level – whether it’s being tested in depth or length. We can do anything even with the ridiculous injury levels we have. We as a whole are better and bigger than any individual and I think it really speaks volumes to our players’ quality and determination that they can play like that knowing they should be stressed to their limits.

Like Thomas said, we may be down to our bones, but they’re good bones that can carry us through the end of the season even with the injury list.


“Shit!” Shaun growled as he jerked his jeans over his hips. “Ever heard of a little thing called knocking? It’s typically something people do when they have manners.”

“Sorry,” She started from the door. She didn’t mean to walk in on him while he was changing. Really… She didn’t. It just happened. “I didn’t know you were in-Wait a second!”

Ripping his shirt off the dresser, he turned and looked at her. “What now?”

“Were those… Are you…” She bit down on her bottom lip to stifle a small giggle. “You’re not wearing Star Wars boxers, are you?”

Shaun burned red - a rapid blush climbing up his neck and settling in his cheeks… He awkwardly shifted his weight from one foot to the other before adjusting his glasses. “No.”

“Yes you are!” She accused. “You’re wearing Star Wars boxers. I just saw a lightsaber!”

He huffed and forced himself into his shirt before pushing past her and storming out of the room.

“Hey wait!” She called. “Shaun, don’t make me use the force on you!”


I think he’s trying to say something about ‘the girl White Mage’?

anonymous asked:

Being into the "noncon(rape) kink" just because you think "some" survivors "might" use it as a coping mechanism doesn't justify you as a non-survivor doing the same. You're kind of using their experiences to excuse yourself of some really unhealthy stuff that is viewed by hundreds, if not thousands. That's really not okay. I wish you the best but I hope you eventually think of the people you're harming or the abusers you're supporting before you think of yourself.

Let’s just make this clear.

I have never sent anon hate. Ever. No matter how frustrated or angry I got, no matter how much I disliked somebody, no matter how much I wanted retribution when I was hurt. Even when the veil of anonymity would “protect” to me.

It may not seem like a big deal, but I implore you. Don’t do it. It’s incredible how much malicious messages can impact people. Why intentionally try to bring somebody down? Does that somehow make you a better person?

Send out good vibes. In the long run, it’ll make you so much happier and more fulfilled.

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EH?! SEIOUSLY?? CATHOLICS?! HATING SPAIN? I DON'T THINK I'VE HEARD THAT IN HISTORY CLASS BEFORE! (Who am I kidding, the Philippine education system regarding history doesn't tell you everything you have to know. But seriously, why'd they hate him? Is it because of the unholy acts of friars?

//Nah. The Catholics don’t hate Spain. It was more like:

The Catholic church was the real power controlling Spanish Philippines. They’ve been known to kick out even the highest colonial government officials who get in their way. 

Not all of them are bad, but things got worst that eventually, genuinely good Spanish officers and Church leaders who wanted to help the Philippines, couldn’t function.

As the movie quote goes: ‘You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.’