five reasons why you should watch tnt's the librarians immediately

Okay, so everyone is aware that I’m an SPN blog, but recently I’ve been posting more of this show called The Librarians. Basically the easiest way I can explain it’s plot is that the show is an American version of Doctor Who combined with Merlin and Supernatural aspects, such as magic and ‘monster of the week’ cases. It has easily become one of my favorite shows in the few weeks it has been on, and now I’m going to try to convince you to watch it in five reasons. 


1. Eve Baird, the leading lady and mother hen to the LITs, is a badass who will not be tamed.

She’s a soldier who gets called to protect the infamous “Librarian” Flynn Carsen, and ends up becoming the protector of his “trainees” called the LITs. She’s snarky, amazing, and is always looking out for her trainees. Which leads us to reason two…

2. The LITs, or Librarians in Training. 

These three are Ezekiel Jones, Cassandra Cillian, and Jake Stone. If you’ve never experienced the joy that is having an OT3, then you will with these lovely characters. They are all unique and are extremely entertaining, and bring the comedy to this drama. When these three are on screen together there is bound to be laughter and mayhem, along with lots of feels. They are the core of the show, but they would not be here without reason number three. 

3. Flynn Carsen, the Librarian. 

 If you ever wanted a Tenth Doctor/Gabriel from SPN/Flynn Ryder combo, you will find it in Flynn Carsen. Even though he is the Librarian, he is not a main cast member. The Librarians is more about the LITs and the future generation of the Library than Flynn, but he will pop up on occasion and bring lots of one liners and fun. Also, his relationship with Eve is adorable and you will probably be shipping them in the first episode. Even though he is not part of the main cast he is probably my favorite character on the show, and I adore everything about him. 

4. If you’re looking for a show with mythology and magic, the Librarians is the show for you. 

This show is like Doctor Who in the fact that the Librarians are a lot like Timelords in a way, jumping between dimensions and the like, but it is also very rooted in old mythology and magic. This past episode featured Greek mythology, and the one before that talked about King Arthur and Excalibur. It is a great combination between magic and the supernatural. 

5. This show is a great way to just have a lot of fun! This is only a few reasons behind why this show is awesome. There is Jenkins, the researcher who lives in the Library who is always getting the LITs out of tough situations, the villains who grace our screens every week, the monsters, the plot, and the overall sense of going to a different world.

Basically, if you aren’t watching this show then you really need to! It is on TNT on Sundays at 8/7c. You can also watch episodes on TNTs website. 

Well then, what are you waiting for? Go watch it and tell me what you think! I’d love to listen to your thoughts about this amazing program. :) 


Pikachu laugh is the cutest thing ever 


Please watch this dumb video my friend made

I heard this story on NPR, where they described the above creature as an “arthropod.” This confused me, as I was under the impression that Anomalocarids were a possible ancestor of arthropods, but that nothing was certain.

If I’m reading the above article correctly, the little (ok, man-sized) guy above is the proof. Apparently, he has the right type of sticky-outy bits that link anomalocarid flappy fins to arthropod walky legs.

Paleontology friends! Am I reading that right? Have we definitively decided that anomalocarids are the grandpappies to all crunchy bug life? If so, where do Tardigrades and Onychophorans fit into the picture?


it’s been almost 2 years and i’m still not over it..BEST THING IN THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD!

elisetheanaconda asked:

Imagine Bucky eating sour candy. (Cues Tony arranging a sour-eating contest.)

Making it a contest is a truly terrible idea - especially when Steve gets involved.

“Alright,” says Tony, ripping open a packet of Toxic Waste and handing it around to all the participants. ‘All’ in this case meaning two, because the rest of the team knows better than to go up against a pair of dangerously stubborn super soldiers who are both constitutionally incapable of crying uncle. “Let’s keep it quick, because I hear this stuff can dissolve your teeth if you suck on it too long. First one to spit is the loser. Three…two…one…go!”

“This is…eeeeeeeuuugh…delicious,” Bucky whimpers, tears welling in his eyes as his whole face crumples like newspaper.

"Barely…barely even…ccchhggtssshhh…sour,” gasps Steve, cheeks working furiously as he rolls the candy around his mouth like a hot potato. A bit of drool trickles from his lips, made all the more conspicuous by the sickly green food dye.

Neither of them spits. They glare at each other, eyes bulging, faces contorted in identical expressions of agonised determination.

“JARVIS,” says Tony happily, “call the dentist.”


Look at this adorable geek


Places Epik High wants to add to their North American tour:

Mithra:  DC

Tablo: DC?  Washington DC?  Why?

Mithra:  Obama

Tablo:  Obama?  You wanna go see Obama?  Ok.  Then we have to hurry up.