So I have a wee box that I put all my problems in, recently I had a knock back but Im still pushing forward. You can often feel that you’re on your own and its scary I’ll give you that but it doesnt mean you have to give up, sorry to be blunt but you have to grow a pair and push forward. You can prove everyone who ever told you you wernt good enough or you can’t do it ect, you can! People always say “oh it gets better” no I doesnt! You… You get better only you have the power to make it better its never gonna be handed to you on a silver platter you jave to work for it and trust ne it will pay off! I stayed strong and pulled through and I’m getting to travel the world (for free) because I worked hard and volunteered and tried to make other peoples lives better. And its payed off so stay strong and stay shiney # postitforward

You know that feeling when someone says something so true but so funny and you can’t deny it because it’s so true and you wernt expecting it so you can’t control your face…..that’s Louis and Harry

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I think the fact that people acussed you of stereotyping is completely stupid, I read the answer you gave the ask and I could tell right away you wernt stereotypingand I can assure all the people who still think you are... 1/2


The moon would probably crash into the earth If you wernt here. That’s how important you are. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day

when you need me you come to me quick, when I need me, when I need time for myself, because I have no choice; its all "fuck you, youre probably out fucking someone" "you jackass you left me here, I almost killed myself because you wernt here" and "you fucking cunt, where are you, you cant disappear on us like that" ...

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(Sad MLG horns as it rains Mnt dew) you been banned for hacking because some 8 year old said you were hacking the game devs always listen the the majority of kids and preteens even though you wernt hacking are are MLG Pro

tis was a day the scrubs #rekt an MLG legend

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*runs up to you* you gotta run! the pigs are coming with rope and a super thick cucumber! and they are gonna shove it in ya ass! -silly anon (you didnt think you wernt gonna get one too?)

“What?- Ah!” The pigs knocked Takuto over and ripped his clothes off before tying him up. The pigs roughly shoved the cucumber in him “Ahhh!” tears started swelling in his eyes “H-huts!”

Theres absolutly nothing cute, nor flattering about insisting on staying friends after knowing you wernt welcome and everybody around you saying the same each time you asked

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I meant sexually, dumbass

whale…I dunno you wernt very speciful….I sorry I dint aswer your weird question on the interest in my sex life….

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OUFFF !!! IM LEO THE LAST DECAN :) #personal ... looks like you have alot of convicing to do in the next day!! BTW hope things are better now :$ read that you wernt feeling well lately :/ CHEER UP princess of tumblr we lOOOOOOOOOOOOve you <3 !!

Haha thank you :) things are better now. I am feeling alright! You are so kind to me dear anon!

About a week ago I went to Wendy’s to get my grandfather and I some lunch (He likes their ‘Hambergs’), I stepped up to the counter and ordered, and the cashier took money from the side of the register and paid for it. I called after her holding my money in the air (a 20 was all I had) that I hadn’t paid and she forgot to take my money. The other cashier explained that the last customer had paid for me as a ‘pay it forward’. I asked who it was and she pointed to this girl who was there when I came in and was waiting for her drink. I was…taken-aback, I asked things like why me? and told her it was SO nice of her and just kept on telling her how great the gesture was…after she left I asked the cashier if she knew where she worked so I could bake her cookies or something to say thank you. They wernt sure but I think she works at the local theater. I asked if I could take her picture for this and put it up when I tell the story.
It was a really kind gesture.

I’ve been trying to convince myself of this ever since you left me, and there were days when I truly did start to believe it but when I was honest with myself I knew that I still wanted you. -

I wanted you to want me. I wanted you to miss me. I wanted you to fight for me, and I wanted it so desperately that I made myself believe that it wasn’t that you didn’t want me but that you just wernt strong enough to fight for me - you were too weak and too broken and so I had to step up to the plate if I wanted to be with you. I had to fight for you and I did bc I thought that fighting for you would be a way to prove myself to you, a way to make you want me: to want me more than you wanted her. But I was just fighting a battle that was already over. She had already won and there’s was nothing left for me but I didn’t want to admit it.

Today, now, at this moment I know what Ive known deep down all along, you will never be mine again. And if the day does come where you walk back into my life, I now know that  I don’t want you. I don’t want someone that I have to prove my worth too, i dont want someone that looks at me and sees someone else.

I told myself I still wasted you because we were so perfect and I couldn’t find someone else but the thing is I can!! And I won’t find what’s right if I look in the wrong places. Now I am

Strog, now I am happy. And just as they say time heals all wounds. And I can finally remove the bandaid now that I am noo longer damaged

Stay out of my dreams!!! Why are you there! Taunting me. Reminding me what’s different. Pointing out how much happier you are. Know that at any moment he will hurt you buts that’s all fine to you. You didn’t even say a word to me there just stared and made me feel uncomfortable. I couldn’t escape it though. I wanted to wake up or leave or something but I couldn’t do anything I was stuck there staring at you. And in the end of it all you walked away again. And said You wernt enough for me. And the whole picture shattered around me. You shattered as well as if to prove a point. It was the most difficult thing to watch But What was worse was what came next. And I would say but it’s sad when you think about other people getting hurt over you….

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(Sad MLG horns as it rains Mnt dew) you been banned for hacking because some 8 year old said you were hacking the game devs always listen the the majority of kids and preteens even though you wernt hacking are are MLG Pro

But am too mlg to ban m8

An animal caged who turned crazed but how the fuck are you supposed grow up when you wernt raised
—  Eminem

I miss everything about you…. i miss how you used to get me big cartons of chocolate whoppers and play dress up with me. I miss how you wernt scared of anybody and would be doing the craziest shit 😂 but addiction in the end took you from me… i wish i could have saved you mom but i know your finally at peace. I lovve you so much . Rest easy beautiful , we only part to meet again by @v_conners source: