You and I haven’t gotten a chance to speak much. But I know you’re an amazing person. You have the ability to make someone smile from miles away, and even the sound of your voice, or a flitting thought can evoke emotions unparalleled. I think you know what you mean to him, but I haven’t gone through what you mean to me.
You’re able to put differences aside and appreciate every little thing. You were there to catch and fill in every single mistake, and stand for what you believed in. You taught me a lot. You’re amazing, and you are so important and special. I never really told you, (I will tell you soon) how much I really truly admire you. You’re smart and Graceful, and you mean the most to someone very special. You’ve been able to save so many situations, to save the person we love more than anything, and you’re just incredible. I meant it when I said you have many qualities in common. I remember you saying it was the best compliment anyone had ever paid you. You’re right, it would be for anyone. Damn near perfection.You have made people the happiest they’ve ever been. You’re beyond wonderful, and quite possibly one of the best people I’ve ever even heard of. You’re cooler than Batman. A modern day Wonderwoman. You’re a fighter and you’re strong and you can make it, you have to fight this. We need you to fight, like you always do. We’ll see you soon.

We Are Faking It - Chapter 19 - Running

Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Pairing: Harry x Eggsy

Summary: For Eggsy it was a thing - he was taking from Harry enough, now was the time he should give something back. Even if it meant playing his lover to get the mission going and catch the culprit. Who would it be if not him, right? Right.

Warnings: fake dating, M x M

Can be found on Ao3.

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Notes: Sorry for the lack of hartwin in this one! Thank you all for your wonderful comments, it made me so happy and all your ideas and point outs were amazing and so spot on! Thank you! <3

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so i got a message from one of the directors i worked with this fall and i might get to add some more short films to my resume this summer, you guys!

keep your fingers crossed for me, if you would

I made many mistakes with you, caused a load of problems to each other, made you feel guilty and ashamed. All these things I never meant to do to you, but did it out of carelessness. I will not do it again. I will not hurt the next person like I did with you. Thank you for once being in my life. You were really amazing and I wish I can keep supporting, but you got this on your own. I hope for the best and do not worry I never hated you or disliked you. I just needed time to be sure. I’m thankful honestly.

My Dearest Alex, { Chapter 1?}

My Dearest Alex, I remember clearly the day you came into my life. It was one of those cliche things, cute new boy becomes friends with quiet girl. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for the amazing months we’ve spent together. In those months I’ve come to adore you, and even love you. You are permanently in my mind, and I’ll never be able to fully let you go. Things don’t always end in the right way, and i just want to get out of your way before i mess anything up.
I love you Alexander.  I do believe in some universe we were meant to be together.
As i sit in my first period, i start to drown out all the noise around me. English was personally my favorite subject, but unfortunately the kids in my class didn’t let me enjoy it as much as i wanted to. So i sat in my normal seat, behind two best friends that are complaining about the new ban on coffee past homeroom and try to focus on getting through the rest of the morning. I was new to this school, well sorta. I moved to New Jersey about 4 months ago, with my brother, and my mom and her boyfriend. I was dragged here from my cozy high school in Pennsylvania, which may i add was much nicer and more pleasant. I’ve already lost a group of friends due to my constant ‘pushing people away’ habit. I’m better off alone, i mean i don’t get bullied or anything, i just like being by myself. As Miss. Jackson goes on about Romeo and Juliet, which I’ve already read at my old school freshman year, there is a knock on the dark blue door. In walks Mrs. Ferris with a cute looking boy behind her. Oh god. This is so cliche. “We have a new student today kids!” Mrs Ferris says with fake excitement. “His name is Alex, let’s show him some kindness.” Dammit, there aren’t any spare seats next to me. Miss. Jackson ends up putting him on the same side of the room as me, just a little farther away.  We continue with Romeo and Juliet, when finally the bell rings. Before i leave the classroom, i hear Miss. Jackson asking Alex if he needs help finding his next class, “Yeah, i’m in b14 next.” B14, Mr. Marko’s math class. My math class. “I’ll take him!” i say, finally getting some confidence. “Really, its fine, i have that class next anyways.” Miss. Jackson smiles. “You’ll be in good hands with Heather.”  We walk out of class and we both can feel the awkwardness. Continuing with the confidence, i ask him, “Can i see your schedule?” He nods and hands it over to me. Turns out we have 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 8th together. We probably have so many together because we came in late, and we need to be in all the required semester classes to pass junior year here. “we have quite a few classes together, including 5th period lunch. You could sit with me if you wanted to.” I told him. His face flooded with relief. “That would be awesome, i was terrified i would have to sit alone.” by then, we are already in our math class. “Well you don’t have to worry, i’ll walk with you there after 4th period.” I smile, passing him over to Mr. Marko who thankfully places Alex behind me.

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Ex-Girlfriend Club 5

So the gifsets did not do the dinner scene justice and they were amazing things that convinced me I wanted to watch this today instead of doing chores. Just…wow. I absolutely love the looks on all four women’s faces. They know this man. They know what it looks like when he’s in love. They absolutely believed he wasn’t acting.

But also, I absolutely adore that Myung-Soo friendzoned* himself on purpose. He decided that Soo-Jin’s friendship meant more to him than a romantic relationship. So often we get told that romance between men and women is more important, it is somehow better, you know, because of sexy things, that to have a man look at his two possibilities and decide that a woman’s friendship is the better option is really a nice breath of fresh air.

My one complaint right now, even though I think Gun is a perfect addition as a foil for Myung-Soo, is that the threat of him would absolutely be fixed if Hwa-Young just spoke to her fiance about what was going on. It would be a hard conversation, it would be uncomfortable, but so far, Fiance seems like a pretty chill guy. He would probably be hurt but recover well because she was honest with him. 

My little lioness needs love! She deserves her happy ending! Basically I don’t want to cry tears when the reveal happens and she loses everything she’s worked hard to build.

*Friendzone is a term of art. I’m using it artfully >.>

gabrielgastelum asked:

aaaaaaaand one day I'm going to take your portrait ;)

Okay, this is embarrassing…. I thought you meant you were going to take my “picture” like “select” , “save as” kind of thing. But actually take a photo of me! That would be amazing. I’ve done some before but I’ll let you tell me if you could do better?

At the age of 11, my mother decided to find a new church. I hated it. There were so many rules I felt like I was more so in a cult than a Pentecostal Church.

  • No Jewelry except a watch and your wedding ring.
  • Women aren’t allowed to wear pants.
  • No fake nails or weaves.
  • If you date someone by year 1 you have to start planning your wedding because that’s enough time to know that that person is meant to be your husband or wife.

I knew once I got older I would stop attending even if I didn’t move away for college. Don’t get me wrong, some services were amazing but it was mostly, people sleeping around, gossiping you know the regular Christian thing. That’s how a majority of Haitian churches are. I love the Lord but I cannot be a part of a religion or church that chooses the parts they want to obey in bible. Either follow it all or stop judging people for doing something you deem an ultimate sin. Stop chastising women or pressuring them to find a man when your ass was running loose in the streets and had some or all of your kids out of wedlock. Stop acting as if premarital sex is the main sin that will carry your  soul to the pits of hell. Stop acting like you came to church for the word when you really came to  “stunt” in your outfit. Stop pretending to help someone publicly and then condemn them in private. Religion has become a joke. Why surround myself with pretentious “Christians” when I can stay in the comfort of my own home and give Him praise, read my bible and talk to God?

un-dementor asked:

In case you were actually wanting one: #49

I’d never say no to a question XD

49. If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature, what new animal would you create?   

Okay, so there’s this thing called “Pfeffer’s flamboyant cuttlefish”

They’re really colorful and pretty, but their color is meant as a warning because their venom is extremely toxic. I wanna mix this with like a cat, so it’s a cat with these amazing colors and probably enchanting eyes, but when it bites you, you die. I’d want it as a pet, so I could train it never to hurt me, nor to hurt other people, but it’d still be terrifying to other people, and that’d be wonderful.

Send me more if you want?


MY ENEMY. THE HIGHEST OF ENEMIES THAT I GOT! (YOU THE ONLY ONE BUT STILL) When we first met, you were so rude and sassy! You went against anything I said. I REMEMBER THAT. But the one thing we did agree on was that we both loved Naruto, lmao. I wasn’t really sure how things would play afterwards when we actually spoke. It took a couple of tries but you finally starting responding! You turned out to be this really amazing person. Not afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone whether it meant good or bad experiences and you wouldn’t label them as mistakes, more like lessons. I love the mentality. You’re one of the smartest, if not just the smartest person I know. You’ve got so much damn information that I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for the schooling I’ll get in person! RIP ME. You think you’re actually funny, but lets be honest, I’m the funny one here. As much as you say you hate my jokes, I know deep down you love them and them make you laugh, or at least even smile! You just playin’! I can be my complete self around you without any worries about you thinking something else about you. You’re very accepting and not everyone is. You actually return the favor and ask questions about myself, which is something I love. Not many care much to ask. You’re so open minded and it always feels like you’re ready to handle whatever it is that is coming your way. You handle things very maturely and that’s so respectable. It’s pretty great seeing how far we’ve gotten in what feels like a long time but in reality hasn’t been that long? We always have so much to say which is amazing! I’m glad that you’re able to feel like you can come to me if needed, and I feel the same towards you. If there is anything I can do for you, let me know. I’ll do my best to be there for you. I need to thank you for actually remembering to reply to me because before it sounded like it was something that would be impossible! You deserve so much and I know you’ll get it. Just because we are busy doesn’t mean we wont have time to talk. We’ll work through it! :) Stay strong and keep doin’ yo thang!

You know what I love most about fan fiction written by people from different country's?

You learn different words for things. For example, a stroller here in america is called a Pram in England. I love that! Knowing what other country’s call things. 

My mom and I were watching a show and the woman said did you look in the boot? My mom looked at me funny and asked what the woman meant. I told her its the trunk of a car.

My mom looks at me in amazement now!

Did you know that Superman’s original power was meant to be the power to have any power?

obviously this is bullshit from a plot view point. you can’t really challenge him if he can do literally anything. not that he isn’t still stupidly overpowered, but this is taking things way too far.

HOWEVER this actually works perfectly with DC comics lore. you know how every alien race has that one thing they’re amazing at? battle, engineering, art, whatever? humans have something called the “meta gene”.

in the justice league cartoon i grew up with there were seven heroes in the team. Superman, alien; Martian Manhunter, alien; Hawk Girl, alien; Batman, training and equipment; Green Lanturn, training and equipment; Wonder Woman, Training and equipment and blessings from the gods(and a whole lot of stuff that i can’t be bothered going into on a science fiction blog); and The Flash, meta gene.

the meta gene is a rare gene that allows meta humans like the flash to manifest powers when their body is stressed. it’s like spontaneous evolution. when exposed to the right circumstances they adapt and develop a power matching the circumstances. as far as i know, and don’t quote me on this, the flash developed his power because he needed to heal faster than was physically possible so his body evolved to use “speed force”. but i’m getting off track, back to superman.

if we theorise that the meta gene itself can be stimulated by itself then it’s possible that a meta gene could force itself to evolve into an advanced meta gene. a gene that allows you to evolve powers at any point to suit the circumstance. at a stretch you could use that power at will rather than waiting for your life to be threatened.

so while it may not be the best plot wise, lore wise the ability to have any power is actually a really good idea. it’s basically an evolution that allows someone to evolve the power to evolve any power.

and yes, i’m aware darwin from the X-men has something like that and that he is far more powerful than he was in the movies but he could adapt to survive while the advanced meta gene, even if you couldn’t use it manually, adapts to the situation. maybe you’re safe perfectly safe, but it can sense what you need to do and adapts you to that circumstance.

we did a really  great team builder during may training today

we all sat in a circle with our backs to each other so we were facing the walls and closed our eyes. the SOCs (our student bosses) would silently invite four or five people into the center of the circle and then read various sentences and have the people in the center touch the shoulder of whoever they thought it applied to

this activate was amazing. they read things like “tap someone who makes you laugh” “someone who lives out loud” “someone who is a leader” “someone who inspires you” “who motivates you” and on and on

it meant a lot to me when there were individuals who rubbed my shoulder or squeezed it. i’m a physical touch person and when my team shared with me that they felt i embodied these ideals, it just really meant a lot to me. i broke down crying

i’ve been feeling kinda lonely on the team lately, which is weird since Jessie recognized me as a unifying force. it felt really good to be affirmed by the people i love and admire most. i may or may not have broke down crying when sharing my reaction to the activity, but whatever

i love my team a lot and i’m really lucky to have them. i’m eager for summer but i am dreading when it ends


A couple of weeks ago, Tim, myself and two of our friends embarked on a road trip south to Baja Norte. It was not my first time to Mexico, but it was my first time to this area and the added bonus of camping made things that much more exciting. We camped at three different spots along our route. The boys surfed, kited and SUP’d (and drove the entirety of our travels, thank you), Devin and I maintained camp, explored, harvested muscles, surfed a little and entered into warfare with a crew of hornets (and were the trusty co-pilots, never with a tecate too far from reach)! The trip was amazing and I am convinced that I was meant to live in Baja, we are already planning a trip back!

miaswier-writes asked:

☄ - My opinion of you

Oh lord, okay. Where do I even start????

I know we haven’t really been friends for long in the scheme of things but I’m so thankful and happy that you’re a part of my life - not only are you an awesome writer, you’re such a genuine person and you’ve helped me through a lot of shit just being there when I needed to rant and letting me know that you were in my corner, which meant a lot at the time and still does! You’re one of very few online friends that I’ve been lucky enough to meet, and that makes me incredibly happy; I was really nervous that you’d come to find me annoying or that we might not click as well in person but I had a hell of a lot of fun (and I’m determined to bug you into coming back before I can afford to make the trip myself, tbh) and just getting to spend time with you doing simple things was amazing, really. The frame you made me is in pride of place on my bookcase, and even though I still haven’t started reading Breakfast At Tiffany’s (I’m trash I know, I’m sorry!) it’s on the top of my to-read pile and I always smile when I see it.

So… yeah. Long story short, you’re kind of perfect and I love you a lot <3